UM Open Day 2024- The Centre for Chinese History and Culture successfully held ‘Calligraphy Badge Workshop’

The Centre for Chinese History and Culture of the University of Macau (UM) held an event, called ” Calligraphy Badge Workshop ” on the Open Day. The Centre took advantage of calligraphy, which originated in ancient China, to let participants experience the beauty of Chinese traditional arts, improve calligraphy skills, and inherit Chinese culture.

In order to make the participants more interested and more deeply involved in the exploration of traditional culture, the workshop arranged the production of bookmarks and badges. Under the guidance of the Calligraphy Association of the Postgraduate Association of the UM, visitors learnt how to make their own souvenir by themselves and adjust their works from an aesthetic and art perspective.

This activity not only exercised the students’ hands-on ability, but also allowed them to have a deeper understanding of the essence of traditional calligraphy.