1st  Issue 2020 ContentsAuthor
Frontier Focus
Cultural Leadership from the Local to the Global: The Global Construction of Chinese DiscourseZhou Xian
Reality, Event, Allegory: Rediscovering “Realism”Zhou Zhiqiang
Dialogues between the Eastern and Western Civilizations
The Localization Strategies of Kanji (Chinese Characters) and Kabun (Chinese Writings) in Pre-Modern JapanBenjamin Wai-Ming Ng
The Common Use and Abolishment of Qing Dynasty’s Copper Coins in Korea: The Wholeness and Limitations of the Market under the Suzerain-Vassal SystemWang Yuanzhou
A Study of the involvement in East Asian Diplomacy by British  and Ameriacan Missionaries in China : Centered on the Period Prior to the Mid-19th CenturyTan Shulin
Appreciating Virtues and Distinctions in Intercultural Co-Existence: The Intercultural Practice Awareness by Modern Chinese AestheticiansWang Yichuan
Controversy over Current Issues
Two Issues Regarding the Theorem That “the State of Nature Is a State of War”: A Discussion with Li MengDuan Zhongqiao
Who Is the Father of the “Chinese Renaissance”? Huang Yuanyong’s Influence on and Contributions to the New Literature MovementGong Gang
Overseas Express
China Studies in European AnthropologyZhou Daming
A Genealogy of Gender CriticismLu Yang
Master Speech
Assitional Comments on the Praise and Blame of Liu Yong’s Ci-PoetryYeh Florence Chia-ying
Thinker’s Salon
Eternal Tragedy and Subject RedemptionYan Xianglin
Why is Value-Neutrality in Social Sciences Possible? An Analysis of Max Weber’s Paradox between Fact and ValueLin Qingping
Research of Macaology
A New Aspect of the Ancient Maritime Silk Road’s Extension: The Rise of Macao in the Ming Dynasty and the Global Sliver RoadWan Ming
Xuetang Club in Macao from the Perspective of Chinese LiteratureTang Chon-chit
Information Express
South China Quarterly received three honors of “National Journal of Social Sciences”Tian Weiping