The Comic book on Chinese history and culture


The comic book series present the Chinese history in an entertaining manner, with the aim of encouraging students from Portuguese schools in Macao as well as young adults and parents from Portuguese-speaking countries to learn more about Chinese culture, thereby promoting traditional Chinese culture to foreigners.

The Centre for Chinese History and Culture (CCHC) of the University of Macau has published two Portuguese comics, Chang’e Flying to the Moon and Nuwa Mending the Sky in 2018, and the comic books are revised and republished in three languages of Chinese, Portuguese and English with collaboration of the Centre for Bilingual Education and Training, the University of Macau, in March 2021. Another comic book called Shennong Tasting Hundreds of Herb has been in publication in 2022. CCHC strives to deepen the understanding of Chinese cultural among students studying in Portuguese and English schools in Macao, as well as young people from Portuguese-speaking countries. Meanwhile, students from Macao who have strong interest in Portuguese can learn the language through simple and clear manga expressions from the comic books.

The comic books are the presents for teenagers and children in Macao, providing an opportunity for children from Macao and Portuguese-speaking countries to learn about the fun, wisdom and cultural spirit of ancient Chinese legends. Children can also learn about Chinese History and Culture, with creation of a blissful childhood to them. The Centre believes that the series of comics will be loved among children.

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