To promote Chinese traditional culture, cultural exchanges between students in Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, and the Chinese mainland, and enhance their sense of national identity, responsibility, and cultural belonging, the 2021 National Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan Chinese Culture Knowledge Competition has been opened under the guidance of the Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan Affairs Office of the Ministry of education and hosted by Fudan University. The whole competition has three phases: school preliminary, national semi-finals, and finals.

Participated enthusiastically by UM students, the preliminary competition of the University of Macau was held in October 2021. After fierce competition, six works came to the fore.

The awarding ceremony of the preliminary competition of the University of Macau was held in the conference room of the Chongwen building of the University of Macau (e34-g019) on November 10, 2021. In this event, the first prize, second prize, and third prize were given to three winners respectively. Dr. Zheng Ningren, deputy director of the Centre for Chinese History and Culture, honored certificates and bonuses to the award-winning students.

After the awarding ceremony, Dr. Zheng Ningren said that it was not easy for the award-winning students to produce excellent entries in a short time, and their enthusiasm, rigorous attitude, and efforts are commendable. Eventually, Dr. Zheng Ningren said that similar activities would be held every year in the future. He hoped that the students would actively participate in the future, strive to learn Chinese cultural knowledge, and have an in-depth understanding of national development.

Also present at the event were Miss Guan Xiaoyan, the special administrative director of the China History Center, and other staff of the center.


First Prize: Ni Cheng

Second Prize: Li Ying Ying

Third Prize: Tan You Xiang

Honorable mention: Wang Ruo Tong, Lui Kwan Yi, Wang Zihan

Group Photo