1st  Issue 2019 ContentsAuthor
Research of Macaology
Macaology and Macau’s Development PathwaysWu Zhiliang
Oceanic Research in Macau: An Anthropological PerspectiveZhang Xianqing
Geographical Environment in the Formation and Development of Macao’s Oceanic CultureWu Hongqi
Controversy over Current Issues
When was the Telescope Introduced into China?Research on the Claim That “Foreign Monk Matteo Ricci Has a Telescope”Tang Kaijian
A New Way of Dividing into Periods the Development of Metaphysics in ChinaHsieh Ta Ning
The Complex Moral Attributes of Egoism: An Analysis of the Dichotomy between the Selfish and the Altruistic in Western Academic CirclesLiu Qingping
Frontier Focus
Epistemology of Atr Theory: Viewing from a Western Academic PerspectiveZhou Xian
Vertical-Horizontal Coordinates: An Exploration of the Origin of Peasants’s Behavioral PatternsLiu Jinhai
Dialogues between the Eastern and Western Civilizations
This Was How the Prologue Began: Promotion of Chinese Culture in the Works by Chen Jitong(Late Qing) during His Stay in EuropeHuang Wanhua
Unpopular Western Aesthetics: Cultural Heterogeneity of Medieval Aesthetics and Its Encounter in Modern ChinaDai Xun
Classic German Aesthetics: A Major Theoretical Resource of Modern Chinese AestheticsWang Yuanxiang
Master Speech
He Shuangqing: A Woman Lyricist Coming Out of a BookYeh Florence Chia-ying
Thinker’s Salon
Comparing the Concept of “a Community of Shared Future for Humanity” Between China and the WestZhuo Xinping
Evolution of Ideas of Value in the History of Western Philosophy: An Investigation from the Perspective of the History of Concepts of the Development of Human IdeasJiang Yi
Exclusive Comments
The Origin of the Contemporary “Trauma Criticism”: The Remote Memories in Moses and MonotheismLu Yang
2nd  Issue 2019 ContentsAuthor
Frontier Focus
All Are of One Family:Household as the Origin of the Community with Shared Future for HumanityXu Yong
The Construction of a Community with a Shared Future When Faced with Choices of World Civilization:A Prospective of the History of Civilization CritiquesChen Zhong
The Construction of Anima Esthetics in New Practical EstheticsZhang Yuneng
Controversy over Current Issues
What is “World Literature”?Zhang Longxi
Six Philosophical and Ethical Issues Arising from the Development of Artifical IntelligenceWei Yidong
“I Think”as Not Being Present:The Origination of Philosophical ConceptionsShang Jie
Is Dai Zhen a Neo-Confucianist?On Dai Zhen’s Negation of Neo-ConfucianismXie Xialing
Reasons for the Marginalization of Medieval Esthetics:Questions for Professor Dai XunZhang Jun
Dialogues between the Eastern and Western Civilizations
A Comparison of the Chinese,Western and Indian Views of Destiny:Beginning with the Translation of “a Community with a Shared Future for Humanity”Zhang Fa
The Genealogy of World Consciousness in Chinese Literary Theory in the Past Seven DecadesLi Yong
The Impact of Mei Lanfang’s performing Art on the Course of Modern World DramaZou Yuanjiang
Forum on Chinese history and culture
The Appearance of Pre-Qin Diplomatic Language and Its Significance in Article StudiesHu Dale
The Absolute Idea and Flexible Standards:The Use of Huayi(the Han and Barbarians)and “China”(Central State)in the Political Field of the Song DynastyHuang Chunyan
The Endeavor,Maintenance and “Surrender”of “Miss Freedom”During the New Cultural Movement:Taking Lu Xun’s “What Happens After Nara Leaves” as the ClueHe Changsheng
Exclusive Comments
The “Evolved”and The “Made”:Rethinking of Community and Society,by Fredinard TonniesFang Weigui
3rd  Issue 2019 ContentsAuthor
Frontier Focus
Towards the Harmony between the Humanity and Heaven:A New Vision beyond the “Heaven-Man Unity”and”Subject-Oject Dichotomy”Jiang Chang
On Thinking Stipulation In the Era of Creation and ConstructionWang Tianen
Time Consciousness in Social GovernanceZhang Kangzhi
Controversy over Current Issues
What Is Art Studies?On inter-Genre of ArtsWang Yichuan
“Rethinking an Old Topic”:A New Examination of the Relationship between Art and ReligionXu Dai
Confucian Humanitarian Governance as a Sentimental StructureXie Wenyu
Forum on Chinese history and culture
Transformation of Legalists’Political Thoughts during the Middle and Late Warring States Period:Observation from The Book of Lord Shang to Book of Han FeiLi Yujie
Analysis of the Political Behavior of Prefectural and County Officials during the Ming and Qing PeriodsBai Hua
A Study of the Western Export of Woolen Fabrics to Qing Dynasty ChinaGuo Weidong
Rediscovering Dr.Sun Yat-sen’s Thoughts on IndustrializationMa Min
Exclusive Comments
Re-Appraisal of the History of the Northen Dynasties(Beishi)Li Ping
Research of New Literature in Chinese
From True Love to love in Illusion:Comparing Views of Love in Peony Pavilion and Wandering in the Garden, Waking from a DreamLiu Jun
Expectation Horizon:The Esthetic Acceptance of Ibson’s Theater from Hu Shi’s Lifetime Affairs to Cao Yu’s ThunderstormHu Zhiyi
Overseas Express
Solving the”Puzzle of Imagination Resistance”:Multiple Approaches of Contemporary Western Literary EthicsZhang Hui
4th  Issue 2019 ContentsAuthor
Frontier Focus
On What is HistoryHu Weixi
The Relationship between Classics’Interpretation and Traditional ScholiaJing Haifeng
Evolution and Transcendence of Comprehensive Emergency Management:From the Persepective of Inter-Agency CoordinationTong Xing
Dialogue between the Eastern and Western Civiliazations
Three Contradictions in the Comparison between Chinese and Western Cultures:The Spread of Western Learning at the Turn of Ming and Qing DynastiesChen Weiping
Guanyin,Mazu and Madonna:On the Spread of the Icon in the EastQi Yinping
Artistic Resources from Japan and the Threatrical Reform in Modern ChinaLi Yi
Reflect on Past and Ponder Future
Arduous Explorations of China’s Pattern of Economic Development for the Past 70 YearsLi Wenpu
The Teahouse,Daily life, and Socialization:A Field Investigation of Teahouses in Late 20th Century ChengduWang Di
The Introspective and Perceptive Meaning of Mou Zongsan’s “Li of Existence”Ding Weixiang
Forum on Chinese history and culture
Uniformity and Regional Variation of the System and Culture in Chinese History:On the Township System and the Sacrificing to the Sea God in the Ancient ChinaLu Xiqi
“Governance by Documents” or “Governance by Civil Officials”?The Case of Wang Linan Carving Fake Official Seals during the Jiaqing YearsNi Yuping
The Logic of the Rise of Ningbo Merchants in Modern ChinaZhu Yingui
Exclusive Comments
From Calling Itself “China” To Being Incorporated in to “Orthodoxy”:The History of Jin in China’s Official HistoryCheng Nina
Human Tragedy When History Becomes Natural History:Reflection on The Origin of German Tragic Drama from the Perspective of Philosophy of HistoryWang Xiaosheng
Overseas Express
The Expanding Boundaries of Modern Chinese Literature as Seen from Outside:The Origin and Critique of the Sinophone(literature)FrameworkJin Jin