1st  Issue 2019 ContentsAuthor
Research of Macaology
Macaology and Macau’s Development PathwaysWu Zhiliang
Oceanic Research in Macau: An Anthropological PerspectiveZhang Xianqing
Geographical Environment in the Formation and Development of Macao’s Oceanic CultureWu Hongqi
Controversy over Current Issues
When was the Telescope Introduced into China?Research on the Claim That “Foreign Monk Matteo Ricci Has a Telescope”Tang Kaijian
A New Way of Dividing into Periods the Development of Metaphysics in ChinaHsieh Ta Ning
The Complex Moral Attributes of Egoism: An Analysis of the Dichotomy between the Selfish and the Altruistic in Western Academic CirclesLiu Qingping
Frontier Focus
Epistemology of Atr Theory: Viewing from a Western Academic PerspectiveZhou Xian
Vertical-Horizontal Coordinates: An Exploration of the Origin of Peasants’s Behavioral PatternsLiu Jinhai
Dialogues between the Eastern and Western Civilizations
This Was How the Prologue Began: Promotion of Chinese Culture in the Works by Chen Jitong(Late Qing) during His Stay in EuropeHuang Wanhua
Unpopular Western Aesthetics: Cultural Heterogeneity of Medieval Aesthetics and Its Encounter in Modern ChinaDai Xun
Classic German Aesthetics: A Major Theoretical Resource of Modern Chinese AestheticsWang Yuanxiang
Master Speech
He Shuangqing: A Woman Lyricist Coming Out of a BookYeh Florence Chia-ying
Thinker’s Salon
Comparing the Concept of “a Community of Shared Future for Humanity” Between China and the WestZhuo Xinping
Evolution of Ideas of Value in the History of Western Philosophy: An Investigation from the Perspective of the History of Concepts of the Development of Human IdeasJiang Yi
Exclusive Comments
The Origin of the Contemporary “Trauma Criticism”: The Remote Memories in Moses and MonotheismLu Yang