On 17th August 2023, the Review and Prospect of Lin Yi’s Photographic Works Art Appreciation and Academic Symposium, co-organised by the Centre for Chinese History and Culture (CCHC) of the University of Macau (UM), Macau Musical and Art Exchange Association ,the Associação de Intercâmbio Cultural de Macau, Hao Kong Daily , Beijing Oulin Times Culture Communication Center, and the Macau Association of Literary and Artistic Critics, was held at the University of Macau successfully. The event was held in Room G014, Multi-purpose Hall, UM Guest Building, University of Macau, where many Macao artists, teachers and students gathered and exchanged views on the art of photography.

Michael K. Hui, Vice-rector of the UM, said in his speech that a good work of art has vitality, embodies the author’s attitude and emotion towards life, and also reflects the real life behind. And to create a high standard of photography, one needs to have the right timing, the right people and the right conditions. He said that each of Lin Yi’s works was endowed with vitality, and he could feel the richness of the author’s state of life and the fullness of his emotions. Finally, Vice-rector Hui wished the event a great success.

The Appreciation Ceremony was held in the form of a video presentation of Lin Yi’s photographic works. After watching the video, guests, teachers and students expressed that they felt the shock and resonance in their hearts, and spoke one after another, interacting with Lin Yi on the art of photography. Sharing his experience as a photographer for national events, Lin said that as a photographer, the first thing is to have a sense of responsibility, and it is impossible to complete national projects without responsibility. Photographing national projects is not only about button shooting, but more importantly, it’s about feelings, and it’s only when you have feelings to shoot that you can present perfect works. He expects that through the photography works, he will integrate his personal feelings into the expression of ideas, and express his love for the country with his photography skills and methods, and present each picture perfectly.

Zhu Shoutong, Director of the CCHC, said that Mr. Lin Yi’s works use light and shadow as words to make a history of the Grand Festival. His works are full of love for the motherland, respect for history and admiration for life. He brings us a strong visual and soulful impact with his abundant and dynamic emotions and power. Not only the photography lovers and practitioners can get new insights from it, everyone here can also experience the vigorous life force in the photography works intuitively and profoundly, and get the emotion and shock that touches the soul.

Other guests attending the art appreciation and academic symposium included Wan Sucheng, Director of the Department of Publicity and Culture of the Liaison Office of the Central People’s Government in the Macao SAR, Cheong Chok Man, Director of the DSEPDR, Zhang Jianqiang and Qiao Liang, Deputy General Managers of Guangdong Nanyue Group, Hu Yan, Director and General Manager of SLM. Wu Xunbo, President Associação de Intercâmbio Cultural Sino-Macau and President of Hou Kong Daily , Carol Kei WONG Director of Rector’s Office, Fan Yimin, President of Jornal Foco Macau , Zhao Hu, President of Macao Traditional Chinese Culture Association , Wong Wai Kei, Macau Association for Culture Economy & Trade of One Belt and One Road Countries, Li Da Wei, Deputy General Manager of Guangdong Nanyue Group,  Ian Cha Un ,Former Director of Macao Customs Service Department of Import and Export of Cargoes,  Hong Huoshan, President of Macau Photographers Association, Yao Jingming, Director of the Centre for Sino-Portuguese Bilingual Teaching and Training of the FAH, Leong, Lampo, Director of Centre for Arts and Design of the FSS, Zhu Tianshu, Head of the Department of History of the FAH, Zhang Yue, Assistant Dean for Academic Programme, Wang Sihao from the Department of Chinese Language and Literature and representatives of various government departments, the arts industries, academic staff and students.