The “Chinese New Year Lantern Carnival 2022”, jointly organized by The UM Centre for Chinese History and Culture (CCHC), the Calligraphy Club, the Literature Club and the Culinary Art Society, took place at E31 Student Activity Centre Plaza, on the evening of 16th February, 2022. Nearly 200 students, teachers and visitors came to participate in this carnival.

The CCHC and other co-organizers prepared some well-designed activities for this Lantern Festival carnival, including eating yuanxiao, enjoying beautiful lanterns, playing the pitch-pot game, making wishes, and so forth. During that night, the moon shining brightly in the sky, the site festooned with lanterns, and the hustle and bustle going around all contributed to the festive atmosphere. Through the games such as guessing lantern riddles, writing poems in calligraphy and the knowledge quiz, participants are able to deepen their understanding of the traditional culture about both the lantern festival and Chinese language and literature. Among all those cultural activities and games, the game about the 2-part allegorical sayings attracted people the most. Many participants still lingered there after completing the game, and wanted to know what their unanswered parts of the allegorical sayings are.