The Successful Holding of Lecture on Cross-border Data and Culture

On 24 March 2022, the Center for Chinese History and Culture of the University of Macau held a lecture on Cross-border Data and Culture in the Lecture Hall G011 of Cultural Building. The distinguished speaker of the lecture is Professor Zhiming Cai, the Head of Academic Affairs Office and Professor of the Faculty of Data Science of the City University of Macau.


This lecture talks about a series of problems, such as the differences in regulations, politics, economy, trade and mutual trust between different places, resulting in the inability of cross-border data, the inability of cross-border systems to interconnect, and the sovereign conflict between systems and data. Professor Cai pointed out that different political and cultural backgrounds affect the cross-border authorized use of personal data. In addition, cultural differences are an important problem for Chinese big systems and Chinese enterprises to go overseas. At the same time, Professor Cai mentioned that the advantages of “one country, two systems”, multiculturalism and China-Portugal platform have brought important opportunities to Macao.


This lecture attracted UM students’ active participation, who enthusiastically exchanged ideas about data and cultural topics with Professor Cai during the lecture.