“First Chinese Culture Festival – Escola Tong Nam (Primary Section) Stipple Calligraphy Competition” Award Ceremony Concluded

Chinese calligraphy is at the heart of Chinese national culture and a cultural expression of Chinese aesthetic ideology. In the afternoon of 21 November (Mon), the award ceremony for the ” First Chinese Culture Festival – Escola Tong Nam (Primary Section) Stipple Calligraphy Competition” was held at Escola Tong Nam. 48 students were awarded with the first runner-up and merit prizes. Dr. Cheang Neng Ian, Deputy Director of the Centre for Chinese History and Culture (CCHC) of the University of Macau, was invited to attend the ceremony to present the prizes to the winning students and to view the calligraphy works. As one of the cultural programmes of the First Chinese Culture Festival, the competition aims to cultivate young people’s interest in calligraphy, to let students experience the outstanding traditions of Chinese culture from a young age, to learn about traditional Chinese culture, to stimulate their interest in Chinese history and culture, and to enhance their understanding of Chinese culture.

Dr. CHEANG Neng Ian, Deputy Director of CCHC and Principal IEONG Chan Kei of Escola Tong Nam

Viewing students’ calligraphy works

Award of winning students

Group Photo


UM Inaugurates its First Chinese Culture Festival

The University of Macau (UM) held its first Chinese Culture Festival to promote Chinese culture and deepen students’ understanding of traditional Chinese culture, kicking off a series of activities with a keynote event launch ceremony. The event was a combination of online and face-to-face activities, with nearly 100 leaders, scholars and guests from around the world offering their congratulations in various ways.

The First Chinese Cultural Festival received the attention of nearly 100 leaders, scholars and guests from around the world, all of whom expressed their congratulations to the Festival in different ways. Professor WU Yiqin, Vice-Chairman of the Chinese Writers Association, emphasized in his online speech that it is the responsibility and duty of every Chinese child to pass on Chinese culture and promote good traditions. The UM Vice Rector, MOK Kai Meng, said in his speech that Macao is a base where Chinese culture is the main stream and where multiple cultures co-exist and exchange. Chinese culture is the main part of Macao’s culture, and promoting, publicizing and practicing Chinese culture in Macao is an important mission and responsibility that we face. The Director of Culture and Tourism Department of Henan Province, Mr. JIANG Jiding, expressed his hope that through this event, a platform for humanistic exchanges between the youth of Henan and Macao could be established, and sincerely invited the youth of Macao to come to Henan to touch history, sense civilisation, nourish their spirit and understand China. On behalf of the Macao Foundation, President WU Zhiliang, expressed his warm congratulations to the event. He highly appreciated the long-standing work and efforts of CCHC, and hoped that with the promotion of the community, the knowledge of history and culture would be spread to the community and to the schools.

The cultural units such as Culture and Tourism Department of Henan Province, Shanghai Junde Cultural Communication Co., Ltd. and Clube de Mok Lan Kun de Macau have performed Taijiquan, Mulan Crane Dance with Fan and Kun Opera for the launching ceremony. Macao’s primary and secondary schools, tertiary institutions and cultural organizations also gave their enthusiastic support. The ceremony was attended by XU Ting, Director of the Education and Youth Affairs Department of the Liaison Office of the Central People’s Government in the Macau SAR; MOK Kai Meng, UM Vice Rector; XU Jie, Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities; WONG Seng Fat, Interim College Master of Cheng Yu Tung College; Chee Shiong LAM, College Master of Lui Che Woo College; CHEUNG Kwok Cheung, Interim College Master of Moon Chun Memorial College; TAM Sik Chung, Interim College Master of Shiu Pong College, LAM Iok Fong, Director of Centre for Macau Studies; Chap Chong PANG, Dean of Student Affairs; WONG Kei, Director of Rector’s Office and LAM Yuk Yee, Director of the Alumni and Development Office.

There are about 100 core events in the Chinese Cultural Festival, starting from mid-October. The core events will be held in November, with activities taking place at the University of Macau, the Base for the Promotion of Chinese History and Culture, and partner institutions such as the Beijing Lu Xun Museum, Shanghai University, Shanghai Normal University, Jinan University and Nanchang University, closely relating to the UM’s Chinese Culture Festival. The key events continue into December, providing a relaxed way for students to learn about traditional Chinese culture, stimulating their interest in Chinese history and culture, and enhancing their understanding of Chinese culture. For the details of events, please visit: https://bit.ly/3Ta3zD2

Professor WU Yiqin, Vice-Chairman of the Chinese Writers Association

Prof. MOK Kai Meng, Vice Rector of the University of Macau

Mr. JIANG Jiding, Director of Culture and Tourism Department of Henan Province

Dr. WU Zhiliang, President of Macao Foundation

Mr. SI Ka Lon, Director of Think Tank of United Citizens

Prof. ZHU Shoutong, Director of CCHC

Kun Opera Performance by HU Qian

Kun Opera Performance by GUAN Wen Zheng


Online Guests



本次培訓邀請澳門大學教育學院楊兆貴教授主講「《論語》天下觀與後世的闡釋」,人文學院中國語言文學系鄧景濱教授主講「快易準的『粵音圖』」和「澳門八景與中華八景」,譚美玲教授講授「粵劇來源與粵劇唱做的文化內涵」與「澳門粵語拼音系統」,羅言發教授主講「如何利用母語區分詩歌平仄及讀懂字典注音」以及葡文系Prof Sara Gonçalves dos SANTOS在線上主講「The role of grammar in a task-based approach」。凡此課程目的是增進澳門中小學校人文社科教師在文史和葡語等領域的專業知識,藉此提升教師的綜合實力。







Recruitment: 2nd Chinese History and Culture Promotion Ambassador

To cultivate enthusiasm for Chinese history and culture and enhance the knowledge of excellent Chinese traditional culture, the Centre for Chinese History and Culture (CCHC) at the University of Macau is launching the “Chinese History and Culture Promotion Ambassador” training program. This program includes share meetings, symposiums, lectures, seminars, and exchange programs, striving to make students become the backbone force committed to the dissemination of Chinese history and culture. The term of the Promotion Ambassador is two years and is renewable.

Organizer: The Centre for Chinese History and Culture, University of Macau

※  Program Purpose

  • Enhance awareness of the history of China and Macao;
  • Improve the cultural education of students;
  • Inherit Chinese excellent traditional culture;
  • Strengthen patriotism and cultivate affection for Macao by becoming a Chinese History and Culture Promotion Ambassador.

※  Requirements

  • University students in Macao (including undergraduate and graduate students)
  • Interested in Chinese history and culture;
  • Student who are responsible, actively participate, and have a high level of commitment.

※  After joining successfully, you could have the opportunities to:

  • Obtain the certificate of ” Chinese History and Culture Promotion Ambassador”;
  • Participate in the study organized by the CCHC;
  • Join in exchange and other activities held by the CCHC

※ Enquiries:
Ms. Stephenie Tong  or Ms. Fong Ho of CCHC
Tel: 8822 4028 / 8822 9956; Email: cchc_adm@um.edu.mo

*The Centre for Chinese History and Culture of the University of Macau has the right to interpret and modify the program




Special Exhibition on Tang Dynasty Mural Culture at UM Wu Yee Sun Library

An Macao exhibition with the theme of Tang Dynasty Mural Culture Special Exhibition to Hong Kong and Macao Campus 2022 is sponsored by China Soong Ching Ling Foundation, National Cultural Heritage Administration, Shaanxi Cultural Heritage Administration, University of Macau, National Conditions Education Association (Macau), and joint organized by Shaanxi Cultural Heritage Exchange Association, Shaanxi History Museum (Shaanxi Cultural Heritage Exchange Center) and Center for Chinese History and Culture of UM, opening at Wu Yee Sun Library, University of Macau, on 5 December 2022. The organizers hope that more young people in Macao can have the opportunity to learn about the protection of cultural heritage in the mainland, appreciate the charm of traditional Chinese culture, and enhance cultural confidence and national identity through this exhibition.

Tang Dynasty Mural Culture Special Exhibition to Hong Kong and Macao Campus is held on campus of Hong Kong and Macao for the second time, with the theme of “Prosperous Times Wall Collection – Tang Dynasty Mural Culture Special Exhibition style of the Tang Dynasty”, showing the Tang people’s clothing and makeup, food and banquet, sports and dance, as well as faith and spiritual life, reappearance of the Tang Dynasty social life scene and the long history of Chinese festival culture.

46 murals have been selected from the collection of Shaanxi History Museum and digital high-definition printing technology was used to display them to the public in the form of exhibition because the mural itself is fragile and not easy to move. Some of them are specially added murals for the exhibition, such as “Music and Dance” and “Xuanwu” of Han Xiumu, hoping to let the public have a deeper understanding of the Tang Dynasty mural culture. The extension will run until Jan 2, 2023.

Exchange of Ideas and Improvement of Teaching The Third Macao Forum on Humanities and Social Science Education held Successfully

In order to strengthen academic and cultural exchanges among basic education units in Macao, Macao Base for Primary & Secondary Education in Humanities & Social Sciences and the Centre for Chinese History and Culture of UM held the “The Third Macao Forum on Humanities and Social Science Education — Chinese Language Teaching in Macao under the Guidance of the New Curriculum Standard” on Saturday, December 17, 2022 at the Cultural Building (E34) Hall of UM, following the new curriculum standards to achieve the goal of fully implementing the cultivation of youngers with ideals, skills, and responsibilities, and creating an opportunity for educators to meet and discuss how to improve language teaching with the guidance of new curriculum standards.

There are over hundreds of guests attending the forum, including the keynote speaker Prof. Li Guanding, Macao senior educators like Guo Xiaoming, Wang Min and Zhang Xingang, Chow Pak Fai, the president of the Macau Association of Catholic Schools, Lei Tin Man, the minister of Macau STEM Education Association, Lao Sio Wa, the principal of St. Teresa School, Cahn Chun Hsin, the vice-principal of Tong Nam School, Xio Chio hsia, the vice-principal of Lou Hau High School, Liu Xiangan, the professor of Suzhou University, Zhang Jundi, the director of Higher Education Publishing Center at Jiangsu Education Press, Zhu Shoutong, the director of Centre for Chinese History and Culture, and numbers of outstanding teachers from primary and secondary schools in Macao.

For full version, please refer to the Chinese version.

The Cornerstone of Su ‘ao Pavilion Laid in UM

On December 14, 2022, the laying of cornerstone of Su ‘ao Pavilion was held at the University of Macau as the final project of the first China Cultural Festival, and as for its name, ‘Su’ refers to Suzhou, while ‘Ao’ refers to Macau. There are many special guests attending the groundbreaking ceremony including Mr. Wang Yang, Member of Suzhou Municipal Party Committee, Head of Suzhou United Front Work Department, Head of Suzhou Overseas Friendship Association, Mr. Deng Bing, Deputy Head of Suzhou United Front Work Department, Mr. Zhai Keqiang, Deputy Head of Suzhou Municipal Party Committee Organization Department; Mr. Xu Guisun, Director of Jiangsu Overseas Friendship Association Cultural Department, Mr. Cen Zhanping, Head of Macau Jiangsu Province Overseas Friendship Association, Prof. Xu Ao’ao, Advisor to the Chancellor of Macau University of Science and Technology, Prof. Song Yonghua, Rector of University of Macau, Prof. Leung Kai Chun, Secretary General of the University Council, Ms. Wong Ke, Director of Rector’s Office, and some college masters of residential colleges in UM.

Su ‘ao Pavilion imitating the Canglang Pavilion, a famous Chinese pavilion, embodies the characteristics of traditional Chinese culture and the charm of Jiangnan culture. The pavilion is of great significance in the construction of the University of Macau. ‘Su ‘ao Pavilion not only represents the close ties and friendship between Jiangsu and Macao, and between Suzhou and UM in parricular, but also symbolizes the establishment of a cultural exchange platform among the youth of these two regions, spreading Chinese history and culture to them.’ Song Yonghua said.

‘There is a deep history of exchanges between Suzhou and Macao. Especially in recent years, various cooperation projects have been carried forward. And in this case, the Su’ao Pavilion is proposed to be founded. I hope that when students and teachers of UM see Su’ao Pavilion, they will think of Suzhou, think of the deep friendship between Suzhou and Macau, so that to promote the cultural communication between the two regions.’ Wang Yang delivered a speech at the ceremony.

For full version, please refer to the Chinese version.

Graduation of MA in Chinese History and Culture

The University of Macau (UM) held the Ceremony for the Conferment of Higher Degrees 2022 on 26th November, 2022. Over 1,300 students graduated from the university’s doctoral programmes, master’s degree programmes, and postgraduate certificate/diploma programmes.

Secretary for Social Affairs and Culture Ao Ieong U, representing the chief executive and UM chancellor, officiated at the ceremony in the company of UM University Council Chair Lam Kam Seng, Rector Yonghua Song, and Vice Rectors Michael Hui, Rui Martins, Ge Wei, Mok Kai Meng, and Xu Jian. Members of the University Assembly, University Council, and Senate, as well as government officials, prominent members of the community, UM faculty and staff, and student representatives also witnessed the ceremony. In addition, live broadcast areas were set up on campus and live streaming was available on the internet for families and friends of graduates to watch the ceremony.

This year, there are 18 graduates of the MA in Chinese History and Culture, which is offered by the Centre for Chinese History and Culture, aiming at providing training for primary and secondary school teachers in Macao to have a better teaching skill for Chinese history and culture, so as to strengthen the identity and devotion of the Chinese civilization among Macao youth. Prof. ZHENG Dehua, the professor of MA programme, attended and took a group photo with the graduates.

Group photo of Prof. ZHENG Dehua and the graduates

Calligraphy Activity to welcome the New Year of the Rabbit is held in UM

The calligraphy activity with the theme of Welcomes Chinese New Year with Jade Rabbit and Embraces Fortune was held grandly in Jiangsu, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan in terms of online and in-person event in UM on 5th January, 2023, which was co-hosted by Jiangsu Overseas Friendship Association, Jiangsu Academy of Chinese Culture, Federation of HK Jiangsu Community Organisations, Macau Jiangsu Province Overseas Friendship Association, Chinese Standard Cursive Hand Association, Hong Kong Institute of Calligraphy, Art Association of Republic of China (Taiwan), and CCHC.

The Spring Festival couplets and the character ‘福’are the most auspicious and the most beautiful cultural symbols of Chinese, representing people’s expectations for a better life in a new year. With the intention of welcomes Chinese New Year with Jade Rabbit and express wishes with calligraphy, calligraphers in not only Jiangsu main venue but also in Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan sub-venue were invited to write ‘福’ and create couplets with blessing and joy for students, citizens and travellers in these regions.

Photo of invited calligraphers and their creations in Macao sub-venue

At the end of the event, calligraphers including Mr. GU Shaohua, Ms. GONG Baomei, Prof. WONG Seng Fat, Mr. ZHONG Jinxing and Prof. ZHU Shoutong in Macao venue were invited to create couplets together with calligraphers in the other three venues to send audience blessings. ‘玉兔牽霞江山競彩,紅梅舞雪華夏同歌’ with a horizontal scroll ‘同心納福’ is a couplet from Jiangsu main venue, which expresses this activity plays an important role in passing the traditional customs of the Spring Festival, carrying forward the fine traditional Chinese culture, deepening the exchanges and integration between Jiangsu and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, and inspiring the feelings of the Chinese people.

Group photo of calligraphers and guests in Macao sub-venue

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