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The beauty of Chinese characters|Professor Yu Dan came to UM to give a lecture

On December 13th, Centre for Chinese History and Culture (CCHC)  of University of Macau invited the famous cultural scholar Professor Yu Dan of the Beijing Normal University to give a lecture with the theme of “The Beauty of Chinese Characters walk into UM” for all students. The lecture attracted more than 100 teachers and students to participate in the event. The atmosphere was lively and full of seats. 


Before the lecture, Professor Zhu Shoutong, deputy director of  Centre for Chinese History and Culture, presented books Chinese New Culture Centennial History and his handwritten calligraphy works to Professor Yu Dan on behalf of the centre. Professor Yu also gave back the books to express her gratitude.
Professor Yu gave a speech on Chinese characters from the bloody genes of Chinese culture, which led to questioning of the root of personal culture. First of all, Macao as a “cross-cultural bridge”,  is both ancient and modern, coexisting in China and the West, different and harmonious. she affirms the diversity and inclusiveness of Macao culture and appreciates respect of Macao people. The communication between China and the West must be based on words, and language is the bridge. Language is the most important communication tool for human beings. Professor Yu combined with Chinese traditional culture, with a subtle language and vivid narrative, shared the beauty of Chinese characters to the audience.

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