‘South China Quarterly’ is a comprehensive academic theoretical journal of humanities and social sciences with the concept of ‘advanced humanities, interdisciplinary and transboundary’. It is arranged in traditional Chinese characters and is published every three months. The focus of the article is not only to explore global and regional issues, but also to explore China issues. Also, we look at the East and China from a global perspective while focusing on world issues from an Eastern perspective. The main columns include ‘Frontier Focus’, ‘Dialogue between East and West Civilizations’, ‘Debate on Issues of The Times’, ‘Forum on Chinese History and Culture’, ‘Thinker’s Salon’, ‘Exclusive Comments’, and ‘Extraterritorial fax’ etc.

For any enquiries or submission of articles, please contact the editorial department of the ‘South China Quarterly’ at ias.programme@um.edu.mo

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