UM holds opening ceremony for selection of winners of Luxun Teenagers Literature Award

The University of Macau (UM) Centre for Chinese History and Culture held an opening ceremony and a press conference for the selection of winners of the Luxun Teenagers Literature Award. The event collects outstanding entries from college and secondary students from Macao, and a panel of judges comprised of leading literary scholars from Macao and mainland China will select the winning entries for the national competition. This event has been held for 12 consecutive years, attracting a total of 10 million students from 30 provinces, autonomous regions, and 11 overseas regions.

UM holds opening ceremony for selection of winners of Luxun Teenagers Literature Award

Zhu Shoutong receives the certificate of appointment 


A group photo

“The Second Macau Forum on Education in Humanities and Social Sciences – Construction of Campus Culture in extraordinary times” Completed Successfully

On 15 Dec, 2021, “The Second Macau Forum on Education in Humanities and Social Sciences – Construction of Campus Culture in extraordinary times” (organized by FAH-CCHC) was held successfully in E34-G019.

Ho Yu, principal of Escola Xin Hua, said at the forum that Escola Xin Hua takes “one centre, one platform and one base” as the main criterion to construct the campus culture of school and encourage the teachers and students therein to learn more about Chinese history and culture. At the forum, the principal of Kwong Tai Middle School, Chan Kin Pong, mentioned the campus construction of Kwong Tai Middle School, hoping that teachers and students can have “vigour, health and determination” in their work and study, so that campus staff and students of Kwong Tai Middle School can expose their competence, talents and qualities to the society.

Professor Zhang Jiuling showed the techniques for chanting poetry in the forum. Prof. Zhang told the attending guests that The Book of Songs is in nature more musical than literal. Hence teaching students chanting techniques can also help them deepen their understanding of Chinese history and culture. Professor Sun Jianrong wished that primary and secondary schools in Macao could introduce the Western ideas and principles as the teaching method, as the international schools are doing, but still should keep the characteristics of Chinese culture into the construction of campus culture. He also wished that the campus culture of schools in Macao could be eclectic, helpful and unique for students in their 12-year compulsory education.

The forum on “Construction of Campus Culture in Extraordinary times” completed successfully in an engaging discussion among principals and professors.

The guests attending this forum include: Ho Yu, principal of Escola Xin Hua, Chan Kin Pong, principal of Kwong Tai Middle School, Prof. Zhang Jiuling from Macao Polytechnic Institute (IPM), Fan Yimin, director of Journal Foco Macau, Prof. Yang Bin from Department of History of FAH of UM, Sun Jianrong, Dean of University International College (UIC) of Macau University of Science and Technology (MUST), Prof. Tam Mei Leng, Prof. Wang Mingyu and Prof. Ma Wan Cham from Department of Chinese Language and Literature of UM-FAH, Prof. Yeung Siu Kwai from Faculty of Education (FED) of UM, Prof. Chen Zhong from Confucius Institute of UM, Ms. Xu Huifang and Mr. Calvin from Faculty of Business and Administration (FBA) of UM, Dr. Cheang Neng Ian, Deputy Director of  CCHC and more than 30 Chinese cultural promotion ambassadors of FAH-CCHC.

“China Cultural Promotion Ambassador 2022 promotion work prospect Symposium” Completed Successfully

“China Cultural Promotion Ambassador 2022 promotion prospect Symposium” was successfully held at the CCHC on December 17, 2021. At the symposium, Dr. Zheng Ningren, deputy director of the CCHC, first introduced the general situation of the CCHC to the promotion ambassadors, focusing on the construction of “five centers”, namely promotion activity center, education and training center, academic exchange center, academic research center and publicity and promotion center. And then Dr. Zheng explained the regulations on the work of Chinese culture promotion to the ambassadors, so that the promotion ambassadors can be familiar with the work direction and content of the center. He wished that the promotion ambassadors could carry out promotion activities quickly and better. Professor Zhu Shoutong, director of CCHC, put forward three goals for the future work of the promotion ambassador: first, to become a welcoming group on the university campus; second, to become an influential force in the center activities, and third, to become colleagues of the center. Professor Zhu Shoutong hoped that the ambassadors could do their best to promote Chinese culture, and that the ambassadors could put forward positive opinions on the promotion of the center. During the exchange session, the ambassadors actively offered their opinions and suggestions for the promotion of Chinese culture. At the end of the symposium, the participating ambassadors took a group photo with the center staffs.

The Plan to Cultivate the Masters of Humanities & Social Science Education in December 2021 Completed Successfully

To enrich the knowledge of art and humanities of Macao’s primary and secondary teachers, the Education and Youth Development Bureau of Macao, in December 2021, cooperating with the Centre for Chinese History and Culture and Macao Base for Primary & Secondary Education in Humanities & Social Science, co-organized “the Plan to Cultivate the Masters of Humanities & Social Science Education”. The associate professor Yeung Siu Kwai from Faculty of Education, Emeritus professor Tang Keng Pan, associate professor Wang Sihao, assistant professor Lo In-Fat from FAH were invited as tutors in this training plan.

The training program took place in 4 and 11 December, with selected courses including professor Yeung’s “Zhu Xi’s and Qian Mu’s Explanations of Courtesy in The Analects of Confucius” and “the View of Under-Heaven in ‘The Analects’ and its Explanations in Later Generations”, professor Tang’s “Demystifying the Chinese Characters in Macao’s World Cultural Heritage Sites” and “Reading Liu Yuxi’s ‘An Epigraph in Praise of My Humble Home’ as an Example of Showing How to Understand the Cultural Symbols in Literary Texts”, professor Wang’s “A Sketch of Chinese Classics from the Ancient Travel Notes” and professor Lo’s “How to Use Our Mother Tongue to Differentiate the Rhyme Schemes in Poetry and Understand the Pronunciations in Dictionary”. The 5 courses lasted for 15 hours in total, and around 150 people attended them.

Many trainees after class showed great interest in the stories behind the Chinese characters in Macao’s world cultural heritages, and continued to discuss with professor Tang. Additionally, professor Tang suggested the trainees to retell and disseminate Macao’s history and culture to their own students in class, so that the new generation could also learn more about the native culture.