1st Issue 2020 (2020.1) Contents
Speech at the First Forum on Chinese Culture HAO Yufan
Speech at the Second Forum on Chinese CultureSI KA LON
The Exigency of Chinese Cultural Reconstruction and the Historical Responsibility of Intellectuals at Home and AbroadLU XIN HUA
On the Reconstruction of Contemporary Chinese Culture and World CultureLI Pengcheng
Returning to the Historical Site – The Introduction to and Evaluation of New Enlightenment Movement Involving the Enlightened Literary NarrativeBI Guangming
Four Dimensional Construction View of “Brand New Culture”HUANG Haiguang
.Ideal and Dilemma of New Education in 1930sLIU Molin
Fiction Illustration and Visual NarrativeZHAO Xianzhang
Historical Records and the Future of Chinese NovelsLI Jianjun
“Cultural Construction”: the Image of Beijing Opera and Shanghai OperaHU Zhiyi
On Kong Yiji and “Pure Education”ZHOU Renzheng
The Difficulty of the Birth of “New People” from the Perspective of Nation-StateZHANG Juan
Review on Centennial Scar literatureWANG Ruihua
Symbolism, Narration and History: Lu Xun as the Father of Chinese Modern LiteratureHU Zhiyi
On the Contribution of Macao Literature to New Chinese Literature ZHU Shoutong
The Practice and Failure of Hu Lancheng’s Cultural Idea – An Investigation Centered on Taiwan’s Sansan CollectionJIN Jin
Yu Guangzhong’s Poetry Writing and Cultural IdentityLU Yu
Modernism, Nihilism and Call for Renaissance – The Turning Point and Enlightenment of Gao Xingjian’s Literary IdeologyZHUANG Yuan
Musical Literature Theory in Chinese National Opera ResearchSHENG MEI
New Stories and the Penetrating Power of Lu Xun’s ThoughtWANG Xiaobo
A Probe into Guangdong Academy Press in the Late Qing DynastyLI Ping
The Inheritance Culture of “Luo School” in the Ideology of Overseas Creative Writing in ChinesePENG Yanbin
Theoretical Elucidation and Practical Examination of Cultural Self-confidence in Chinese Literature – An Academic Analysis of the International Video Conference on Cultural Self-confidence in Chinese LiteratureGENG Guofeng