“China Cultural Promotion Ambassador 2022 promotion work prospect Symposium” Completed Successfully

“China Cultural Promotion Ambassador 2022 promotion prospect Symposium” was successfully held at the CCHC on December 17, 2021. At the symposium, Dr. Zheng Ningren, deputy director of the CCHC, first introduced the general situation of the CCHC to the promotion ambassadors, focusing on the construction of “five centers”, namely promotion activity center, education and training center, academic exchange center, academic research center and publicity and promotion center. And then Dr. Zheng explained the regulations on the work of Chinese culture promotion to the ambassadors, so that the promotion ambassadors can be familiar with the work direction and content of the center. He wished that the promotion ambassadors could carry out promotion activities quickly and better. Professor Zhu Shoutong, director of CCHC, put forward three goals for the future work of the promotion ambassador: first, to become a welcoming group on the university campus; second, to become an influential force in the center activities, and third, to become colleagues of the center. Professor Zhu Shoutong hoped that the ambassadors could do their best to promote Chinese culture, and that the ambassadors could put forward positive opinions on the promotion of the center. During the exchange session, the ambassadors actively offered their opinions and suggestions for the promotion of Chinese culture. At the end of the symposium, the participating ambassadors took a group photo with the center staffs.