CCHC Visited Colégio Mateus Ricci

Macao Base for Primary & Secondary Education in Humanities & Social Sciences, since its establishment, has been in collaboration with secondary and primary schools as well as other educational institutions in Macao to promote education in culture, arts and other humanities and social sciences, in order to nurture more diversified talents for Macao. Colégio Mateus Ricci has long been in close contact with the base and has actively participated in its activities.

On the afternoon of 23 May, 2022 (Mon), members of Centre for Chinese History and Culture (CCHC) including Deputy Director Cheang Neng Ian, Principal Admin Officer KUAN Sio In and Admin Staff Tong Ho Kei visited Colégio Mateus Ricci for discussion of future collaboration opportunities and were warmly greeted by Principal Cheung Wailing of Colégio Mateus Ricci, who reviewed the past cooperation and discussed the future cooperation.

The Deputy Director introduced the Centre’s work progress

Deputy Director Cheang reviewed the development of the Centre in recent years. The Principal Cheung Wailing expressed her appreciation for the past cooperation, thanked the Centre for its support and looked forward to future cooperation. At the same time, the leaders and teachers of Colégio Mateus Ricci were keen to give their input on the future cooperation between the two schools, and Deputy Director Cheang gave timely feedback. The Centre and Colégio Mateus Ricci reached a consensus on collaboration for the second half of the year and Cheang invited Principal Cheung Wailing to attend Macao Forum on Education in Humanities and Social Sciences in the second half of the year, to which Principal Cheung readily agreed.

Principal Cheung Wailing presented a souvenir to the Centre


Group photo of participants

CCHC Participated in the “My Heart for My Country” Lecture Series

“Though all have their own laws of growth, they know to keep their fundamentals.” In order to better help Macao’s teenagers understand the fundamental questions of “where I come from” and “who I am”, to understand that Chinese culture and Macao’s culture share the same roots, and to firmly establish the values of patriotism and love for Macao. Professor Xu Jie, Dean of the FAH of the University of Macau and member of the Academic Committee of CCHC, Key Research Institute of Humanities and Social Science at Universities, and Professor Zhu Shoutong, Director of CCHC, participated in the “My heart for my country” lecture on May 24, 2022 at Pui Ching Middle School in Macao. The event attracted hundreds of students and teachers to attend the event, and the students responded enthusiastically that they benefited greatly from the event, truly understood the meaning of family love and patriotism, and expressed that they should contribute to the realization of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, no matter where they are in the future.

The CCHC Deputy Director, Dr Cheang Neng Ian, attends the Chinese Classical Singing Competition at Escola Xin Hua as guest for awards presentation

In order to commemorate the May Fourth Patriotic Movement, promote Chinese traditional culture and implement the Macau SAR Government’s strategic development policy of “One Centre, One Platform, One Base”, one of the bases for the promotion of Chinese history and culture of CCHC, Escola Xin Hua successfully held its second Singing Competition in May 2022.

Dr. Cheang Neng Ian, Deputy Director of CCHC, represented the Centre at the event and presented awards to the first runner-up classes in the junior and senior secondary categories, with the aim of strengthening ties with Macao’s primary and secondary schools, paying attention to the growth and patriotic education of Macao’s youth, and enriching their knowledge and recognition of traditional Chinese culture.

A Delegation from Xiamen University Visited CCHC

A delegation from Xiamen University, led by its Party Secretary Zhang Rong, on 13 May (Friday) visited the UM Centre for Chinese History and Culture (CCHC) University of Macau and was warmly received by the Director Prof. Zhu Shoutong and other staff. The delegation members also include: Li Zhiyong, Director of General Office; Li Jun, Director of Personnel Office; Cai Shun, Director of Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao Affairs Office; Zhang Wei, Secretary General of Alumni Association; Chen Zhong, Dean of School of Electronic Science and Engineering; Xie Guanghan, President of XMU Macau Alumni Association; Cao Shuang, Deputy Secretary General of XMU Macau Alumni Association.

Prof. Zhu Shoutong showed the delegation around the Cultural Building (E34), and introduced the institutions within E34 to them, particularly the CCHC. Zhang Rong appreciated the efforts of the centre on education, culture promotion and publication, and looked forward to reaching further cooperation with the centre in the future.

In the end, Prof. Zhu Shoutong, on behalf of CCHC, presented his own calligraphy works and other souvenirs to Zhang Rong, and Secretary Zhang Rong also presented the souvenirs of the 100th anniversary Xiamen University to CCHC.

CCHC Visited The Affiliated School of the University of Macau

Macao Base for Primary and Secondary Education in Humanities and Social Sciences has been established for four years. It has been cooperating with primary and secondary schools in Macao to jointly promote literature, history and art education and cultivate diverse talents. On the afternoon of May 18, 2022 (Wednesday), Deputy Director CHEANG Neng Ian, Principal Admin Officer KUAN Sio In and Admin Staff HO Sok Fong of UM Centre for Chinese History and Culture (CCHC) visited The Affiliated School of the University of Macau to discuss future cooperation with the school staff.

During the meeting, the Principal LOU Leng Heng said that the school attaches great importance to the education of culture and history and the school has launched the “Chinese Culture Award Program” for many years. Each year, there are different themes, such as martial arts, traditional games, literary classics, etc., attracting more than 100 students to participate in. In addition, Principal LOU also suggested that performing traditional Chinese stories in the form of English drama could arouse students’ motivation and interest in learning and help to train students’ language skills and enhance their national identity. In this way, the quality of education in Macao can also be improved.

UM-CCHC Visited Colégio Dom Bosco (Yuet Wah)

The deputy director Cheang Neng Ian, the principal admin officer Kuan Sio In and the administrative staff Ho Sok Fong of UM Centre for Chinese History and Culture (CCHC) visited Colégio Dom Bosco (Yuet Wah) on the morning of May 19 (Thursday), in order to strengthen the contact and coordination between the Centre and the schools in Macao and investigate the needs of primary and secondary schools for humanities and social sciences education. The CCHC visiting members received a warm welcome from the Dean Ms Tam Kam Fa and the teachers Ms Kuan Lai Chu and Ms Cheong Wai Sam.

Ms Tam Kam Fa, Dean of Studies in the school, expressed her acknowledgement of the visit of CCHC members and further discussed some detailed cooperation matters with the Centre staff. She also appreciated the “Chinese Ancient Poetry Singing Contest” held by the Centre. Ms. Kuan Lai Chu pointed out the importance of the role of the Centre and the Base as “a bridge of communication between primary and secondary school students and scholars”. She praised the Centre for its ongoing efforts to promote traditional history and culture and also said that Colégio Dom Bosco attaches great importance to the cultivation of students’ cultural and artistic attainments. Every year, the school holds many cultural activities such as “Chinese Culture Day”. Ms. Cheong Wai Sam hoped that more longer duration activities such as calligraphy class could be held in the future, so as to further promote Chinese excellent culture.


CCHC Visited Kao Yip Middle School

On the afternoon of May 10, 2022 (Tuesday), the director Zhu Shoutong, deputy director Cheang Neng Ian, principal admin officer Kuan Sio In and administrative staff Tong Ho Kei of UM Centre for Chinese History and Culture (CCHC) visited Kao Yip Middle School. The visiting members received a cordial welcome from the school director He Cheng; the deputy director Iao Weng Man; the leader of Humanities and Social Sciences Section of International Department, Yu Yingqiu; the discipline leader of History and Geography, Chan Iong; and the deputy discipline leader of History and Geography Cheong Kim Tong. Then, the two sides exchanged views on future cooperation.

The school director, He Cheng (first from left) introduced Kao Yip Middle School

The director of CCHC, Prof. Zhu Shoutong introduced the Base to the school staff and teachers


Prof. Zhu Shoutong introduced Macao Base for Primary & Secondary Education in Humanities and Social Sciences to the leaders and staff of Kao Yip Middle School. He also invited the teachers and staff to participate in the “Macau Forum on Education in Humanities and Social Sciences”.

The school director, Mr He Cheng said that, Kao Yip Middle School in recent years has been exploring an international curriculum system based on Chinese culture for Macao students. He hoped that in the future, the school could cooperate with CCHC to build a new curriculum system that can become an example of the education of Macao and even China. Mr. He also pointed out that Kao Yip Middle School has close relations with Confucianism in Macao. In the future, an exhibition hall of Confucianism will be built on the site of the old school to promote the developmental history of Confucianism in Macao. Mr. He wished that the Centre could give necessary support in this project. Prof. Zhu appreciated this plan and looked forward to the further collaborations between the two sides in the future.

In the end, Prof. Zhu, on behalf of CCHC, presented a silk banner, the Macao Teenager Newspaper Bound Volume and other souvenirs to Kao Yip Middle School.

Prof. Zhu Shoutong presented souvenirs to He Cheng


Group photo


CCHC Visited Instituto Salesiano

In order to liaise with primary and secondary schools in Macao and to cooperate in the promotion and education of humanities and social sciences in primary and secondary schools in Macao, CCHC (Centre for Chinese History and Culture) including Deputy Director Cheang Neng Ian, Principal Admin Officer KUAN Sio In and Admin Staff Tong Ho Kei visited Instituto Salesiano on the afternoon of 20 May 2022 (Fri) to discuss future cooperation and promotion.

Deputy Director Cheang first introduced the objectives of the Base and its partners, and briefly described the Base’s past activities and publications. Afterwards, he invited Principal Leong Su Weng and teachers to visit the Base’s facilities at the Cultural Building of the University of Macau and hoped to have more cooperation with the school in promoting Chinese history and culture in the future. He also expressed his hope that the school could collaborate with the Base in the future to provide students with richer and more varied activities in Chinese history, culture and arts, so that they could go beyond books and learn more about social development and Chinese culture.

At the end of the meeting, Deputy Director Cheang exchanged views with the teachers on future cooperation in various activities and both sides presented banners and the Macao Teenager’s Newspaper as souvenirs.

Chinese Cultural Promotion Ambassador Training Series – Cultural Study Camp on Temple Couplets in Macao was successfully held

The Chinese Cultural Ambassadors Training Series – Cultural Study Camp on Temple Couplets in Macao was launched on the afternoon of 18 May 2022 (Wed). Professor Emeritus of the Department of Chinese Language and Literature of the University of Macau, Tang Keng Pan, led the Chinese Cultural Ambassadors and postgraduate students of Chinese History and Culture on a cultural study tour to Templo Tou Tei, Sha Lei Tau, The Patane Night Watch House and Templo Budista.

Professor Tang Keng Pan explained the basic knowledge of the couplets and the culture behind them, the Macau Tu Di Gong culture, Shi Gan Dang culture, and the historical stories of the temple during the field trip, in order to enrich students’ knowledge of Macau and Chinese history and culture, and to enhance their sense of national identity and pride.

The fourth-generation master of Templo Budista warmly welcomed the group to the camp, enthusiastically introduced the history and current status of Templo Budista to the audience, and urged the young people of Macao to study the historical and cultural background of the temples in depth, in order to pass on and promote the excellent Chinese traditional culture.

The Chinese Cultural Ambassadors were very appreciative of the event, which also attracted many residents of Praia do Manduco and Templo Budista to stop by and listen to the event, contributing to the transmission of Chinese history and culture from generation to generation.

The 2nd “Melco Star Macau Youth Talent Competition” – Final and Award Ceremony Concluded

In efforts to deepen the sense of identity and belonging of Macao’s youth to the motherland, Melco Resorts & Entertainment and the National Conditions Education (Macau) Association co-hosted the Second Melco Star Youth Talent Competition. Centre for Chinese History and Culture (CCHC) assisted in the organisation of the Competition. The Competition Final and Award Ceremony was held on 21 May 2022 at the Ballroom of the City of Dreams. Professor Zhu Shoutong, Director of the Centre, attended the event as the Guest of Award.

The competition resulted in approximately 900 students from 55 schools and arts institutions, bringing 142 Chinese cultural arts performances in acts including dance, songs and recitals. The preliminary round was successfully held in December 2021. After a fierce competition, a total of 26 finalists were selected by the judges and showcased their talent, bringing us a visual feast.

With the theme of “China in the Heart of Children”, the 2nd “Melco Star Macau Youth Talent Competition” featured a variety of talent performances with Chinese traditional culture as the main theme, showcasing the vibrant youthful energy and versatility of the new generation of Macau after the handover. The event was a resounding success with a round of applause.