Chinese Cultural Promotion Ambassador Training Series – Cultural Study Camp on Temple Couplets in Macao was successfully held

The Chinese Cultural Ambassadors Training Series – Cultural Study Camp on Temple Couplets in Macao was launched on the afternoon of 18 May 2022 (Wed). Professor Emeritus of the Department of Chinese Language and Literature of the University of Macau, Tang Keng Pan, led the Chinese Cultural Ambassadors and postgraduate students of Chinese History and Culture on a cultural study tour to Templo Tou Tei, Sha Lei Tau, The Patane Night Watch House and Templo Budista.

Professor Tang Keng Pan explained the basic knowledge of the couplets and the culture behind them, the Macau Tu Di Gong culture, Shi Gan Dang culture, and the historical stories of the temple during the field trip, in order to enrich students’ knowledge of Macau and Chinese history and culture, and to enhance their sense of national identity and pride.

The fourth-generation master of Templo Budista warmly welcomed the group to the camp, enthusiastically introduced the history and current status of Templo Budista to the audience, and urged the young people of Macao to study the historical and cultural background of the temples in depth, in order to pass on and promote the excellent Chinese traditional culture.

The Chinese Cultural Ambassadors were very appreciative of the event, which also attracted many residents of Praia do Manduco and Templo Budista to stop by and listen to the event, contributing to the transmission of Chinese history and culture from generation to generation.