CCHC Visited Instituto Salesiano

In order to liaise with primary and secondary schools in Macao and to cooperate in the promotion and education of humanities and social sciences in primary and secondary schools in Macao, CCHC (Centre for Chinese History and Culture) including Deputy Director Cheang Neng Ian, Principal Admin Officer KUAN Sio In and Admin Staff Tong Ho Kei visited Instituto Salesiano on the afternoon of 20 May 2022 (Fri) to discuss future cooperation and promotion.

Deputy Director Cheang first introduced the objectives of the Base and its partners, and briefly described the Base’s past activities and publications. Afterwards, he invited Principal Leong Su Weng and teachers to visit the Base’s facilities at the Cultural Building of the University of Macau and hoped to have more cooperation with the school in promoting Chinese history and culture in the future. He also expressed his hope that the school could collaborate with the Base in the future to provide students with richer and more varied activities in Chinese history, culture and arts, so that they could go beyond books and learn more about social development and Chinese culture.

At the end of the meeting, Deputy Director Cheang exchanged views with the teachers on future cooperation in various activities and both sides presented banners and the Macao Teenager’s Newspaper as souvenirs.