CCHC Visited Kao Yip Middle School

On the afternoon of May 10, 2022 (Tuesday), the director Zhu Shoutong, deputy director Cheang Neng Ian, principal admin officer Kuan Sio In and administrative staff Tong Ho Kei of UM Centre for Chinese History and Culture (CCHC) visited Kao Yip Middle School. The visiting members received a cordial welcome from the school director He Cheng; the deputy director Iao Weng Man; the leader of Humanities and Social Sciences Section of International Department, Yu Yingqiu; the discipline leader of History and Geography, Chan Iong; and the deputy discipline leader of History and Geography Cheong Kim Tong. Then, the two sides exchanged views on future cooperation.

The school director, He Cheng (first from left) introduced Kao Yip Middle School

The director of CCHC, Prof. Zhu Shoutong introduced the Base to the school staff and teachers


Prof. Zhu Shoutong introduced Macao Base for Primary & Secondary Education in Humanities and Social Sciences to the leaders and staff of Kao Yip Middle School. He also invited the teachers and staff to participate in the “Macau Forum on Education in Humanities and Social Sciences”.

The school director, Mr He Cheng said that, Kao Yip Middle School in recent years has been exploring an international curriculum system based on Chinese culture for Macao students. He hoped that in the future, the school could cooperate with CCHC to build a new curriculum system that can become an example of the education of Macao and even China. Mr. He also pointed out that Kao Yip Middle School has close relations with Confucianism in Macao. In the future, an exhibition hall of Confucianism will be built on the site of the old school to promote the developmental history of Confucianism in Macao. Mr. He wished that the Centre could give necessary support in this project. Prof. Zhu appreciated this plan and looked forward to the further collaborations between the two sides in the future.

In the end, Prof. Zhu, on behalf of CCHC, presented a silk banner, the Macao Teenager Newspaper Bound Volume and other souvenirs to Kao Yip Middle School.

Prof. Zhu Shoutong presented souvenirs to He Cheng


Group photo