UM-CCHC Visited Colégio Dom Bosco (Yuet Wah)

The deputy director Cheang Neng Ian, the principal admin officer Kuan Sio In and the administrative staff Ho Sok Fong of UM Centre for Chinese History and Culture (CCHC) visited Colégio Dom Bosco (Yuet Wah) on the morning of May 19 (Thursday), in order to strengthen the contact and coordination between the Centre and the schools in Macao and investigate the needs of primary and secondary schools for humanities and social sciences education. The CCHC visiting members received a warm welcome from the Dean Ms Tam Kam Fa and the teachers Ms Kuan Lai Chu and Ms Cheong Wai Sam.

Ms Tam Kam Fa, Dean of Studies in the school, expressed her acknowledgement of the visit of CCHC members and further discussed some detailed cooperation matters with the Centre staff. She also appreciated the “Chinese Ancient Poetry Singing Contest” held by the Centre. Ms. Kuan Lai Chu pointed out the importance of the role of the Centre and the Base as “a bridge of communication between primary and secondary school students and scholars”. She praised the Centre for its ongoing efforts to promote traditional history and culture and also said that Colégio Dom Bosco attaches great importance to the cultivation of students’ cultural and artistic attainments. Every year, the school holds many cultural activities such as “Chinese Culture Day”. Ms. Cheong Wai Sam hoped that more longer duration activities such as calligraphy class could be held in the future, so as to further promote Chinese excellent culture.