The CCHC Deputy Director, Dr Cheang Neng Ian, attends the Chinese Classical Singing Competition at Escola Xin Hua as guest for awards presentation

In order to commemorate the May Fourth Patriotic Movement, promote Chinese traditional culture and implement the Macau SAR Government’s strategic development policy of “One Centre, One Platform, One Base”, one of the bases for the promotion of Chinese history and culture of CCHC, Escola Xin Hua successfully held its second Singing Competition in May 2022.

Dr. Cheang Neng Ian, Deputy Director of CCHC, represented the Centre at the event and presented awards to the first runner-up classes in the junior and senior secondary categories, with the aim of strengthening ties with Macao’s primary and secondary schools, paying attention to the growth and patriotic education of Macao’s youth, and enriching their knowledge and recognition of traditional Chinese culture.