UM holds First International Forum on Traditional Chinese Medicine Culture

The Centre for Chinese History and Culture (CCHC) of the University of Macau (UM) held the First International Forum on Traditional Chinese Medicine Culture. The forum brought together experts, scholars, and leading figures in the field of Chinese medicine from around the world to discuss the close connection between health and Chinese medicine.

Zhu Shoutong, director of CCHC, said in his speech that, Chinese medicine is a treasure of traditional Chinese culture, hoping that the forum would enable participants to discover new values in the Chinese cultural system by bringing together Chinese medicine and traditional culture. Li Peng, deputy director of the Institute of Chinese Medical Sciences at UM, said that Chinese medicine does not only represent an industry that the Macao SAR Government has focused on in recent years, but also is a research field that the university greatly supports. He added that the forum could take advantage of Macao’s role as a bridge for cultural exchanges between China and the West, and promote Chinese medicine on the international stage.

The forum featured Maha Guru Anand, a Malaysian practitioner of Chinese medicine and an international yoga instructor, as a speaker. Maha Guru has extensive experience in both medicine and yoga and is dedicated to promoting physical and mental health education. He mentioned that Chinese medicine deserves more attention in the medical field as it can explain the complex relationships between different parts of the human body. During the forum, experts and scholars held in-depth discussions and exchanges on various topics, such as the integration between Chinese medicine and natural medicine, and the development trend of Chinese medicine in the context of technological advancement.