The cultural experience activity of MA in Chinese History and Culture Programme End Successfully


MA in Chinese History and Culture Programme: The cultural experience activity with the theme of Macao in Chinese History, was held on the morning of 12 February, 2023.

During the visit to related historic sites, Dr. IEONG Hoi Keng delivered a detailed explanation on the basic knowledge of Macao’s cultural monuments and buildings as well as the historical culture behind them. She also detailed the historical stories of A-Ma Temple and Church, as well as the cultural traditions contained in them, which enriched students’ understanding of Macao and Chinese history and culture, strengthening students’ sense of identity and pride in national culture.


Photographed at St. Joseph’s Seminary and Church

Picture of Dr. IEONG showing students the collection of literature in Sutra depository

Picture of Dr. IEONG delivering detailed explanation of A-Ma Temple’s history


Dr. IEONG and the students were arranged a tour to A-Ma Temple by Mr. O Man Kuok, Director of Charity Association of Temple, to have an in-depth understanding of the history and culture of the A-Ma Temple, as well as the experience of Taoist rituals, enhancing knowledge of related fields. Mr. SIT Kai Sin, Chief of Maritime Museum, extended a warm welcome to the visit team, and Mr. WONG Chin, a professional official, showed them around the museum with detailed presentation for maritime related knowledge. During visiting of Mandarin’s House, students learned about the life of ZHENG Guanying and the cultural deposits of the House, while at Macao Kong Tac Lam Temple, Dr. IEONG introduced the collection of literature in the Sutra depository, including Pattra, rare manuscripts and ancient books. The visit was quite an eye-opener for students. Afterwards, YIP Ka Kay, Director of the Diocesan Office of Historical Archives and Patrimony arranged a presentation tour delivered by two staffs UN Sou Sam and HO Weng Hou to the visit team when they went to St. Joseph’s Seminary and Church. Father Nalin K. Fernando, the Dean of the Society of Jesus, had a cordial conversation with the visiting students, introducing relevant historical knowledge and religious and cultural knowledge, and sincerely calling on young people to have an in-depth understanding of Macao’s local culture and Chinese culture, so as to make their own contribution to the inheritance and development of excellent culture.


Picture of students visiting cultural relics treasured by St. Joseph’s Seminary and Church

Picture of Father Nalin K. Fernando explaining the history of Catholicism

Picture of students visiting the environment-friendly plantation of the Society of Jesus


This activity had a big success in students and attracted many people to stand still and listen to explanations during the tour, which further expanded the scope of influence of Chinese history and culture.


Photographed in front of Maritime Museum