“Literary criticism and life — the fourth cross-strait Chinese literature seminar” was held on the Open University of Hong Kong Jockey Club campus on December 8, 2018. More than 30 writers and scholars from Asia and Europe were invited to attend the event. The lecture focuses on the theme of “literary criticism and life” and the special theme of this year’s “Research on Yang Bo”.

On December 10, scholars and experts attended the meeting went to Macao. The closing ceremony were held at 2:30 p.m. in the conference room of the Chinese history and culture centre of the University of Macau. The ceremony was hosted by Professor Zhu shoutong deputy director of the Chinese history and culture centre and distinguished professor of the Chinese Department of the University of Macau and Pan Yaoming.

Professor Hao Yufan introduced the development process of the Chinese history and culture centre of the University of Macau. Taking the recent research survey “cognitive index of Chinese history and culture of Macao primary and secondary school students” as an example, and taking the identity index of students in Zhuhai as a comparison, to verify that the identity of Macao Youth on Chinese history and culture is quite good. The centre also has the Macao Youth Daily and a number of academic lectures in an effort to promote Chinese history and culture in Macao.

On behalf of the University of Macau, Ms. Wang Qi warmly welcomed the guests, and was honored to express her appreciation for the scale of the lecture. She believes that the lecture will promote the progress of the University in all aspects of literature discussion and communication and cooperation.

Professor Jin Honggang made a brief introduction to the school of humanities for the participants: the academic focus of the school is multilingual learning research and cross-cultural research, including the Chinese Department, the English Department, the Portuguese department, the philosophy department, the Japanese research centre and the English Centre, among which the Chinese department is divided into literature, literature, linguistics and other areas, with great achievements. The Chinese Department of the University of Macau has cooperation with the Chinese Department of the University in mainland, Hong Kong and Taiwan; it has established connections with a number of literary societies in social services; graduates are valued and distributed in various colleges and universities in the mainland for teaching and research.

After the speech by the representatives, in response to the establishment of the Chinese history and culture centre of Macao University and the support for this lecture, Ms. Zhang Xianghua decided to present the set of Yang Bo’s ” An outline of Chinese history” to the Chinese history and culture centre to express my gratitude. This book is written by Yang Bo in the prison. It is valued and influential in mainland China and Taiwan.

Later, scholars and experts also made a summary. Professor Pusic of the Department of Oriental linguistics of the school of languages of Belgrade University in Serbia believed that cultural heritage and performance can be seen in different aspects and that literary criticism can help readers understand works. Professor Park Jae woo of the Chinese language and Culture Department of Korea Foreign Studies University highly affirmed the value of the lecture and was willing to support it

Professor Xi Xiande, vice president of the former school of communication and head of the Department of Journalism and communication of Furen University in Taiwan, recalled his life’s learning and career experience, and said that compared with literature, literature has a unique position beyond history and news.

At last, Professor Zhang Shuangqing, executive vice president of the world Chinese literature and Art Research Society and visiting professor of the Chinese Department of the Chinese University of Hong Kong, made a comprehensive summary of the lecture:this event is a “lecture”, but it has the scale of “seminar” in all aspects of paper convening, arrangement, procedure and conference process. Thirty papers were collected, from Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan, South Korea and Serbia, bringing new atmosphere.

Please refer to Chinese version for details: 「文學批評與人生── 第四屆兩岸四地華文文學講座」閉幕禮