Enrollment! Master of Arts in Chinese History and Culture Program is now accepting applications!

Interested in Chinese history and culture? Master of Arts in Chinese History and Culture——The Master’s degree program is perfect for you. The course is designed to serve primary and secondary school teachers in Macao, through intensive lectures, classroom interactions, innovative reports, etc., to update their knowledge of Chinese history and culture, enhance their ability to appreciate and explain the achievements of Chinese civilization, and promote their better Self-study or teaching skills of Chinese history and culture, thus strengthening the love and recognition of young people in Macao for Chinese civilization. The registration period starts from now until October 31, 2018, and the start date is January 2019.
Master of Arts in Chinese History and Culture
Admission Requirements

  1. Follow the general admission regulations and requirements of the University. Please refer to Graduate School website: Regular Admission to Master’s Degree & Postgraduate Certificate / Diploma Programmes of 2018/2019 (https://www.umac.mo/grs/cn/admissions_regular.php).
  2. Admission will be in accordance with the University Admission Rules on MA degree in Chinese. In addition, the MA students must have a BA degree in History, Literature, Geography, Education, Communication, Sociology, Chinese or a relevant field.

Duration of Study:2 academic years

Medium of Instruction:Chinese

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