Pass on Chinese Culture and Demonstrate Civilizational Confidence — Chinese History and Culture Promotion Ambassadors attend Worship Ceremony for Yellow Emperor

There is a saying that goes, ‘3rd March is a time to hold the worship ceremony for Yellow Emperor.’ On the morning of 15th April 2023, the Macao Worship Ceremony for Yellow Emperor was held at the Macau Tower Convention Centre. The gentle sound of ritual music and drums greeted the auspiciousness of spring. With the theme of One Root, One Ancestor, One Source, Peace, and Harmony, the ceremony included nine rituals: welcoming the Spring with auspicious drums, dedicating flower baskets, purifying the hands and entering the title, performing the rituals of worship, reading the worship text, singing chants, paying homage with ritual rhymes, praying for the blessing of China, and reconciling heaven, earth and people.

(Worship Ritual)

(Group Photo)

(Prof. XU Jie, Dean of FAH, University of Macau)

(Prof. ZHU Shoutong, Director of CCHC, University of Macau)


This year’s Worship Ceremony in Macao was an unprecedented event with many different activities. The Centre for Chinese History and Culture (CCHC) of the University of Macau organized the participation of Chinese History and Culture Promotion Ambassadors. The Ambassadors and students at Macao Polytechnic University jointly delivered a performance called the Ritual Archery. The show symbolized the invention of the bow and arrow by the Yellow Emperor, indicating he was the founder of Chinese ritual and music. The show also demonstrated the humanistic spirit of the Chinese people and the charm of the Yellow Emperor’s culture through the performance. In addition, the Ambassadors acted as ceremonial ambassadors for the ceremony, guiding the audience through the rituals, learning about traditional Chinese rituals and learning more from them. Through participating in the Ceremony, the Ambassadors gained a deeper understanding of Chinese culture and traditions, and further increased their love for Chinese culture and confidence in promoting it.


(Chinese History and Culture Promotion Ambassadors)

(Chinese History and Culture Promotion Ambassadors)

(Chinese History and Culture Promotion Ambassadors)