A Successful Debut of the Huangmei Opera Co-created by the Centre for Chinese History and Culture

According to the story of ’s Xia Shuji, a Chinese anti-Qing martyr in the late Ming Dynasty, from the Xia Wanchun family, the large-scale Huangmei Opera “Talented Women in Troubled Times” was created by Shanghai Junde Culture Communication Co., Ltd. recently. The drama, starring Hu Qian, a renowned performer, was warmly welcomed as the premiere of the Third G60 Nine City Private Theater Performance in the Yangtze River Delta. It is reported that the play will tour in the Shanghai Municipal theater. The Centre for Chinese History and Culture lent warm support to the planning, creation, and performance of this play. Director Zhu Shoutong wrote the title of the opera, which was highly praised by the leaders and experts in Shanghai.