FAH-CCHC student of UM Lin Longping receives award for the Story-Writing Competition “Memorable Moments and World Heritage” held by Cultural Affairs Bureau

In order to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the inscription of the “Historic Centre of Macao” in the World Heritage List, the Cultural Affairs Bureau (IC, from its Portuguese acronym) of Macao SAR held a series of activities in 2020. In May, it took the lead in hosting the “Memorable Moments and World Heritage” story solicitation competition, inviting citizens to share the unforgettable fragments and stories of the city, and jointly promote the responsibility of cultural heritage conservation.

The social response to the “Memorable Moments and World Heritage”competition was enthusiastic and there were many participants. UM FAH-CCHC student Lin Longping used the short essay “The Smile of Grandpa” to get out of 400 entries and won a winning prize with 10 other contestants. In the morning of July 1, the award ceremony was held at The Mandarin’s House in the historical city of Macau, the world cultural heritage. Ms. Mok Ian Ian, the Director of Cultural Affairs Bureau of Macao SAR and the famous writer, presented the award certificates to the 10 winners.

Lin Longping said: “Protecting the World Cultural Heritage and Historic Centre of is the responsibility of everyone living in Macao. The first thing of truly protect the Historic Centre of Macao is to learn the story behind every building of the Historic Centre. Only after a thorough understanding of the cultural connotation of the Historic Centre of Macao can we truly fulfill the responsibility of protecting and inheriting the Historic Centre of Macao”

Cultural Affairs Bureau of Macao SAR has issued the ten winning works of this competition to local illustrators to make the postcards of the sites in the historical Centre of Macao for public issuance.

(Award collection: https://edocs.icm.gov.mo/mhd/15/collection.pdf )


Picture 1: Award certificate