Feng Zikai’s Art World “Teaching with Love” – Feng Zikai’s 125th Birthday Anniversary Exhibition: Discover the Deeper Meaning of Feng Zikai’s Art

On 1st March 2024, Feng Zikai’s Art World “Teaching with Love” – Feng Zikai’s 125th Birthday Anniversary Exhibition and Symposium was held at the Centre of Chinese History and Culture (CCHC) of the University of Macau (UM), Cultural Building(E34). The event was organized by Zero Distance Cooperative, co-organized by the CCHC of UM and the Macau Cultural Transmission Development Association and sponsored by the Cultural Development Fund of the Macao SAR.

Under the theme of “Teaching with Love”, the exhibition introduces Feng Zikai’s art design of books and his passion for children’s art education. At the opening ceremony, Mr. William Koi, President of the Macau Cultural Transmission Development Association, said that it is of special significance to hold the exhibition in 2024, which is the 100th anniversary of the publication of Feng Zikai’s first comic book. He hoped that through this exhibition and symposium, visitors would gain a deeper understanding of this great artist and his important position in the history of modern Chinese culture. Cheang Neng Ian, Deputy Director of the CCHC of the UM, said that Feng Zikai is not only a literary scholar, painter and educator, but also a cultural envoy across generations.

His works combine the profound traditional Chinese culture with the essence of modern art, serving as a bridge for cultural exchange and transmission. “Teaching with love” is not only Feng Zikai’s educational philosophy, but also the core of his artistic creation and philosophy of life. Feng Yu, president of the Feng Zikai Research Association and the grandson of Feng Zikai, said that “Teach with love, learn with dedication” fits well with the University of Macau. This sentence was not only the embodiment of Feng Zikai’s experience, but also the credo he lived by throughout his life. After the opening ceremony, Feng Yu, Lo Wai Lik, Qu Weigang and Cheang Neng Ian presented wonderful reports on Feng Zikai’s artistic creation, artistic thinking and cultural education research and dissemination in the symposium. Meanwhile, a number of experts and scholars shared their own research and understanding, and enhanced their understanding of Feng Zikai in the full discussion.

Guests who attended the opening ceremony included Fok Wai Lan, the Director of Macau Government Tourism Office; Huang Oi, Director of the Funding Supervision Department of the Cultural Development Fund; Van Poulon, Acting Director of the Division of Visual Art of Cultural Affairs Bureau (IC); Wang Mingqian, representative of the Association for Relations Across the Taiwan Straits (ARATS) Office in Macao; Lo Wai Luk ,Artistic Director of Prospects Theatre Company Ltd. and screenwriter and director of the play Feng Zikai; Fong Wai Peng, Head of 10 Fantasia – A Creative Industries Incubator; Sik Chung Tam, Acting Master of the Shiu Pong College, UM; Shen Hanming, Associate Dean of the Faculty of Health Sciences (FHS), UM and Kung Zhaowei, Associate Dean of the Faculty of Education (FED), UM.

The exhibition of Feng Zikai’s Art World “Teaching with Love” displayed about sixty paintings in the Exhibition Hall of the Cultural Building (E34), UM until March 15, 2024.


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Speech by William Koi

Speech by Feng Yu

Speech by Cheang Neng Ian

Fung Yu spoke at the symposium

Exhibition Venue

Exhibition Venue

Exhibition Venue