Professor Zhu Shoutong participated in the “Heritage of Chinese Culture Day” held by Matteo Ricci middle school

The primary and secondary departments of Matteo Ricci school held the “Heritage of Chinese Culture Day” on January 18, 2020. The aim is to enhance students’ interest in learning the subject of “culture, history and geography”, stimulate students’ active learning and deepen their understanding of Chinese culture.

Through various activities, students have deepened their understanding of Chinese culture, promoted the relationship between teachers and students, and learned the knowledge of “culture, history and place” in a pleasant environment.

Later, teachers and students participated in the game of relevant booths in the classroom and the decorations added the atmosphere of New year’s Eve to the venue. The activity was successfully completed in a warm and joyful atmosphere.

After the game, the students gathered in the school hall to enjoy the cultural performances carefully prepared by the students. Through activities, students can deepen their understanding of Chinese culture and strengthen their sense of national identity. They are also proud of the extensive and profound Chinese culture!

The Chinese culture has a long history, which is worthy inheriting from generation to generation. President Xi Jinping encouraged Macao schools to shoulder such historical responsibility and praised the young generation of Macao as a promising generation, which will surely become the pillar of Macao and even the nation in the future.


Please refer to the Chinese Version for more details: 朱壽桐教授參加利瑪竇中學舉辦的“傳承中華文化日”寓教於樂