The Centre for Chinese History and Culture participated in the cultural exchange among students in Jiangsu

As the leader of the team, Professor Zhu Shoutong, Director of the Centre for Chinese History and Culture, and more than 10 local college students from the University of Macau participated in the “Macau Jiangsu University Students Sunshine Growth 2021 Cultural Camp” from 5th June to 10th June 2021. They visited Nanjing University and the Jiangsu University and inspected various historical and cultural education bases in Nanjing and Zhenjiang. More than 30 leaders and celebrities, including Mr. Wu Hui, the Deputy Director of the Coordination Department of the Liaison Office of the Central Government, Ms. Liang Li, the former Director of Education and Youth Development Bureau of the Special Administrative Region Government, Mr. Cen Zhanping, the President of the Macau Jiangsu Friendship Association, and nearly 50 students from various universities and colleges in Macao participated in this meaningful activity. Mr. Cheong Hok Sam, the Section Head of the Student Resources Section of the University of Macau, also participated in this inspection.