The Training Program of Chinese History and Culture Ambassadors Started

The lectures, “The Way of Bringing Macao Culture to the World” and “Talk of Yellow Emperor Culture”, were held in G019 of E34 (Cultural Building), from 4 to 6 PM on April 4 (Monday). Both of these lectures were organized by Centre for Chinese History and Culture (CCHC).

The first lecture, “The Way of Bringing Macao Culture to the World”, was presented by Mr. JIANG Ye, deputy secretary general of China Foundation for the Development of Social Culture (CFDSC) and keynote speaker of the short video “Introduction to Masters (Dashi Chunqiu)”. Prof. ZHU Shoutong presided over this activity. Many scholars and well-known persons attended this lecture, including Prof. ZHANG Jiuling from Macao Polytechnic Institute (IPM), Ms. CHAN Peng Peng, chairman of the Think Tank of United Citizens of Macao, Prof. Agnes, LAM Iok Fong, director of Centre for Macau Studies (CMS) of University of Macau (UM), Prof. ZHANG Meifang, master of College Cheong Kun Lun. Chinese History and Culture Ambassadors of CCHC also participated in this activity.

Since the 4 years’ “Macao Forum for Chinese Culture” (jointly held by CCHC and the Think Tank of United Citizens of Macao) have already fully explored the native culture of Macao, Mr. JIANG Ye in this lecture extended this topic and turned to reflect on how the Macao culture could be further internationally known. Mr. JIANG Ye firstly reiterated the view of “from Universal Harmony to Universal Love”. He then talked about “the meanings of learning history” and “how to create history”, and proposed some strategies of bringing Macao culture to the world. Mr. JIANG Ye also explained Macao’s special position in the inheritance and promotion of Chinese culture under the policy of “One country, two systems”. He deemed it instructive to further promote Macao culture under the idea of ZHANG Zhidong (the minister in late-Qing Dynasty) that Macao culture should possess its “Chinese essence and Western utility”.

Prof. LAM Iok Fong said that this lecture much inspired her, because in the past, scholars often emphasized the value of foreign culture that influenced Macao while neglecting the effects of Chinese culture. And that is what the future research of Macao Studies should focus on. Prof. ZHANG Jiuling Professor Zhang Jiuling also called on Macao teenagers to strengthen the cultural confidence of the Chinese nation. The Chinese History and Cultural Ambassadors present all agreed.

Then, during the lecture “Talk of Yellow Emperor Culture”, the keynote speaker WANG Youyi praises the commitments of Chinese History and Culture Ambassadors to this activity. Before this lecture, CCHC held the ceremony to worship the Yellow Emperor. And the ambassadors have been highly praised by the organizers for their great help and enthusiasm for traditional culture.

Mr. WANG Youyi then introduced the ancestor worship ceremony, how the Yellow Emperor created Chinese civilization in various aspects, and how the Yellow Emperor unified China from the perspective of sociology and folklore. In the end, Mr. WANG Youyi concluded with “The blood of the same ancestor is thicker than water, and the love of the same Chinese nation is as heavy as a mountain”. The lecture drew a satisfactory end in a round of applause.