Zhuhai Cultural Inspection of Centre for Chinese History and Culture of University of Macau

Group photo

In response to the national plan for the construction of the Greater Bay Area and improve Macau teachers and students’ understanding of history and culture of the Mainland, 25 teachers and postgraduate students of the Centre for Chinese History and Culture of the University of Macau went to Zhuhai for cultural investigations to strengthen the sense of culture,. The expedition started on November 30, 2019. It took two days to investigate the representative cultural addresses of Zhuhai.

Teacher Zheng Dehua introduced the history

Based on the goals to combine history, culture, and education, this inspection visited Qi’ao Island, New Garden, and Beishan Courtyard, each with Chinese and Western characteristics. Teachers and students believe that we are familiar with and love the history and culture of the motherland . With this sense of identity and pride, Macau residents should actively participate in the construction of the Great Bay Area and contribute to the prosperity of the motherland.

Please refer to the Chinese Version for more details: 澳門大學中國歷史文化中心珠海文化考察