Liu Haisu Art Education Symposium Held at CCHC

Liu Haisu Art Education Symposium and the 1st General meeting of Liu Haisu International Art Research Association was jointly held by Centre for Chinese History and Culture (CCHC) of University of Macau and Liu Haisu International Art Research Association on 9 March, 2023 (Thursday), to review LIU’s artistic life.

Some guests attended the meeting in person, including Prof. ZHU Shutong, Director of CCHC, Ms. LIU Chan, daughter of LIU Haisu and a famous painter, Mr. WANG Haitao, Director of Lotus Times, Mr. SHI Yuxing, editor of A Drop in the Ocean (a memorial colum for LIU Haisu in Lotus Times), Prof. HE Zhihui, Professor of Macao Polytechnic University, Prof. TAM Sik Chung, Interim College Master of Shui Pong College, Prof. LEONG Lam Po, Director of Centre for Arts and Design, while Ms. WOO Shing Fung, the Vice-President of National Conditions Education Association (Macau) joined the discussion via zoom.

For the discussion, Prof. ZHU began by thanking all members of Liu Haisu International Art Research Association for coming and gave a brief introduction to LIU’ s achievements in culture and literature. When Ms. LIU Chan talked about her father, she expressed her admiration for him as a great painter who not only devoted himself to learning excellent western painting skills in order to bring a new atmosphere to the Chinese art circle but also was committed to promoting traditional Chinese painting to the world, while remaining an outstanding Chinese cultural heritage for young people. Thereafter, Mr. SHI Yuxing, Ms. WOO Shing Fung, Prof. LEONG Lam Po, Prof. TAM Sik Chung, Prof. HE Zhihui, Ms. MIO U Kit and student representatives discussed the deeds of Master LIU respectively.

In the end, Mr. WANG Haitao concluded the discussion with an expression of hope that Master LIU’s art could be promoted and inherited in Macao since he integrated Chinese and Western painting art and Macao is also a place of cultural exchange between China and the West. During the symposium, Prof. ZHU was awarded the Honorary Advisor certificate by President LIU Chan to be appointed as the first honorary advisor of Liu Haisu International Art Research Association.


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