CCHC Visited Escola Católica Estrela do Mar

Escola Católica Estrela do Mar is one of the earliest school members to join UM’ base for the promotion for Chinese history and culture, and has maintained a close partnership with the base for a long time. On 1 June, 2022 (Wednesday), the CCHC visiting group, comprised of Dr. Cheang Neng Ian (Deputy Director), Ms. Kuan Sio In (Principal Administrative Officer) and Ms. Tong Ho Kei (Administrative Officer), visited Escola Católica Estrela do Mar for discussion of future cooperation opportunities.

Dr. Cheang Neng Ian introduced the work of CCHC

Dr. Cheang, during the discussion, briefly introduced the objectives, facilities and resources of the Base as well as the past activities. Vong Piu, Principal of Escola Católica Estrela do Mar, praised the efforts of CCHC and looked forward to the further cooperation with the Centre. Principal Vong also told the CCHC staff members that he encouraged the school teachers themselves to participate in the programs and activities organized by the base, besides their students to join them. He in particular mentioned the Master of Arts program in Chinese History and Culture, deeming it an excellent opportunity for teachers to broaden their knowledge in literature and history, which is conducive to their teaching.

Principal Vong Piu exchanged views with the CCHC staff members

In the end, Dr. Cheang Neng Ian expressed his gratitude for the school’s support for the work of the base, and invited Principal Vong Piu to participate in the coming “Forum on Education in Humanities and Social Sciences”, expected to be held in late 2022. Principal Vong gladly accepted this invitation.