CCHC Visited Saint Paul School Macau

On the afternoon of May 5 2022, the Deputy Director, Dr. Cheang Neng Ian, Principal Admin officer Ms. Kuan Sio In and admin staff Ms. Tong Ho Kei from the UM Centre for Chinese History and Culture (CCHC) visited Saint Paul School Macau.

Fr. Athanasius Chan appreciated the efforts of CCHC

Dr. Cheang Neng Ian introduced UMHSS

The visiting group from CCHC received a cordial welcome from the Principal Fr. Athanasius Chan, the discipline leader of History and Geography Man Lai Fong, and the teacher Ms. Li Fang of Saint Paul School. Then Dr. Cheang Neng Ian briefly introduced the CCHC and the Macao Base for Primary & Secondary Education in Humanities & Social Science and the various activities jointly held by the Centre and Base. And Fr. Athanasius Chan said that Saint Paul School has also been committed to promoting Chinese history and culture in recent years. He believed that cooperation with the Base can strengthen the students’ enthusiasm to further explore Chinese history and culture.

Finally, Fr. Chan and Dr. Cheang both agreed that the teaching in the future is to cultivate young talents who love Macao and China and understand Chinese culture. Only such talents can better be devoted to the long-term development of the Greater Bay Area and the country.

Group photo