CCHC Visited Yuet Wah College

Since the establishment in 2018, the Macao Base for Primary & Secondary Education in Humanities & Social Sciences (the Base) has been sparing no effort to promote the education of history and culture, visual arts, Putonghua and Portuguese to provide diversified talents for Macao. On the morning of 25 May, 2022 (Wednesday), members of the Centre for Chinese History and Culture (CCHC) including Deputy Director Cheang Neng Ian, Principal Administrative Officer Kuan Sio In, and Administrative Assistant Ho Sok Fong visited Yuet Wah College for discussion of future collaboration opportunities.


During the interactive exchange, Vice Principal of Yuet Wah College, Ms. Kong Kong Hang, expressed her wish to join the Base and both sides would work together to improve the quality of teaching in the field of humanities and social sciences. Mr. Mok lat Chung, the Head of Academic Affairs, mentioned that the content of the Macao Teenager Newspaper helps students to understand their motherland and encourages them to submit articles in order to cultivate their interest in writing. History teacher Mr. Wang Sen also suggested that the Base could provide school-based training for our history teachers to meet their teaching needs.


In addition, Mr. Cheang explained that the main purpose of the Base is to support primary and secondary education, and the Base can provide different seminars and workshops for schools, and thus, teachers and students can have more opportunities to study and learn.

Deputy Director Cheang introduced the Base to the school

Deputy Director Cheang emphasized that the Base is for primary & secondary education