Culture: Nanchang’s Roots and Memories Red Study and Exchanges

From 16th December to 21st December 2023, the Roots – Memories Red Culture Study Activity Red Culture Study Tour commenced, jointly organised by the Centre for Chinese History and Culture (CCHC) of the University of Macau (UM) and Nanchang University (NCU). This event is one of the series of activities of the 2nd Festival of Chinese Culture, which is actively supported by the UM and warmly welcomed by the teachers and students of NCU. A total of 11 students and teachers from the UM, including postgraduate students of Chinese History and Culture and Macao Chinese Culture Promotion Ambassadors, participated in the study tour.

The purpose of this study tour is to help the Chinese Culture Promotion Ambassadors establish a positive view of history, country and culture by participating in the red culture study activities, which is led by Prof. SIO Chio Ieong, Director of Academic Research Division of the CCHC. At the same time, the activity aims to build a platform for cultural exchanges between the Mainland, Hong Kong and Macao, and to help students of the UM to gain a deeper understanding of the red culture and history of Jiangxi, and to appreciate the charm of the land of Gan Po (Jiangxi). Through exchanges and co-operation, students of Jiangxi and Macao  deepened their understanding of the Greater China region and their sense of responsibility, and built cross-regional friendships in which they jointly explore future development directions and co-operation opportunities.

The project adopted the mode of “6 online lectures + 6 days of on-site research”, leading the teachers and students of the UM to visit 11 places in Jiangxi both online and offline, and to deeply experience the unique charm of Jiangxi. The choice of ELEVEN for the activity is unique, representing the eleven municipalities in Jiangxi, and coinciding with the National Day, which also means Memories. Through the lectures to introduce the representative cultures of the eleven municipalities in Jiangxi, and then through the on-site research, the students were led to understand in-depth the red, green, earth tone and golden cultures of Jiangxi, which awakened the memories of the students and teachers of the Chinese nation and raised their Chinese national identity, and further stimulated their sense of national pride.

During the trip, Nanchang University organised Macao teachers and students to visit Nanchang and Ji’an in Jiangxi Province for field study and practice. These included the Flag Raising Ceremony at Bayi Square, Museum of August 1 Nanchang Uprising, Tengwang Pavilion, Nanchang University Museum of History, Nanchang Relic Museum for Haihun Principality of Han Dynasty and VR Theme Park, as well as on-site study of red culture in the old revolutionary areas such as Jinggangshan. Through practical exchanges, Hong Kong and Macao students gained a deep understanding of the red, green, earth tone and golden cultures of Jiangxi, further strengthened the Chinese cultural identity and Chinese national identity, consolidated  the sense of community for the Chinese nation, and cultivated a sense of nationalism and contemporary responsibility among Macao students.