Extraordinary memories and stimulating forces: Macao teachers and students went to Guangzhou to study Lingnan culture and pass on the red genes

From 8th to 10th December 2023, the Advanced Study Workshop on Lingnan Culture for Hong Kong and Macao Students was jointly organised by the Centre for Chinese History and Culture(CCHC) of the University of Macao (UM) and the Colégio Diocesano de São José (5ª) in Guangzhou. The workshop, led by Cheang Neng Ian, Deputy Director of the CCHC of the UM, and Mr. Lam Ka Tat, teacher of Colégio Diocesano de São José (5ª), was attended by 23 students from Colégio Diocesano de São José (5ª) in Macao. The workshop took the form of practical experience and lectures, leading the students to have an in-depth experience and understanding of the essence of Guangzhou’s red culture and Lingnan culture.

At the first day, the study group first visited the Comrade Mao Zedong’s Memorial Hall at the former site of the Peasant Movement Workshop. The students visited the various exhibition areas of the commemorative museums in a reverent mood, admired the historical relics and materials, listened carefully to the revolutionary story behind the historical relics, and revisited the revolutionary forefathers of the extraordinary years, and deeply felt the patriotic passion and national spirit of the Chinese nation. Then the study group went to visit the Nanyue King Wen’s Mausoleum, through the exhibition hall guided tours and on-site visits, combined with the collection of cultural relics and historical information to experience the tomb owner’s court life before the millennium, feel the Flesh-and-blood historical figures.

Then the study group visited the site of the Third National Congress of the Communist Party of China (CPC) and the Guangzhou Uprising Memorial Hall in the following days. Under the guidance of the lecturers, they were able to experience the noble pursuit of ideals and beliefs as well as the perseverance and loyalty to the revolutionary cause of the revolutionary ancestors through the use of artefacts, pictures and information. In addition, teachers and students also went to Jinan University to listen to the lectures of the Institute of History and Culture of Hong Kong and Macao of Jinan University, and experienced the colourful culture of Lingnan in the sharing of the lecturers.

Through the Advanced Study Workshop on Lingnan Culture for Hong Kong and Macao Students, Macao students and teachers and students of the CCHC were able to gain a deeper understanding and experience of the essence of the Red and Lingnan cultures, and further enhance their understanding of Chinese culture. At the same time, this activity also promoted exchanges and interactions between teachers and students from Guangdong and Macao, fostered exchanges and cooperation between Macao and other cities in the Greater Bay Area, promoted Macao’s education and the inheritance and development of local culture, and expanded the influence of Chinese history and culture.