Exchange of Ideas and Improvement of Teaching The Third Macao Forum on Humanities and Social Science Education held Successfully

In order to strengthen academic and cultural exchanges among basic education units in Macao, Macao Base for Primary & Secondary Education in Humanities & Social Sciences and the Centre for Chinese History and Culture of UM held the “The Third Macao Forum on Humanities and Social Science Education — Chinese Language Teaching in Macao under the Guidance of the New Curriculum Standard” on Saturday, December 17, 2022 at the Cultural Building (E34) Hall of UM, following the new curriculum standards to achieve the goal of fully implementing the cultivation of youngers with ideals, skills, and responsibilities, and creating an opportunity for educators to meet and discuss how to improve language teaching with the guidance of new curriculum standards.

There are over hundreds of guests attending the forum, including the keynote speaker Prof. Li Guanding, Macao senior educators like Guo Xiaoming, Wang Min and Zhang Xingang, Chow Pak Fai, the president of the Macau Association of Catholic Schools, Lei Tin Man, the minister of Macau STEM Education Association, Lao Sio Wa, the principal of St. Teresa School, Cahn Chun Hsin, the vice-principal of Tong Nam School, Xio Chio hsia, the vice-principal of Lou Hau High School, Liu Xiangan, the professor of Suzhou University, Zhang Jundi, the director of Higher Education Publishing Center at Jiangsu Education Press, Zhu Shoutong, the director of Centre for Chinese History and Culture, and numbers of outstanding teachers from primary and secondary schools in Macao.

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