Special Exhibition on Tang Dynasty Mural Culture at UM Wu Yee Sun Library

An Macao exhibition with the theme of Tang Dynasty Mural Culture Special Exhibition to Hong Kong and Macao Campus 2022 is sponsored by China Soong Ching Ling Foundation, National Cultural Heritage Administration, Shaanxi Cultural Heritage Administration, University of Macau, National Conditions Education Association (Macau), and joint organized by Shaanxi Cultural Heritage Exchange Association, Shaanxi History Museum (Shaanxi Cultural Heritage Exchange Center) and Center for Chinese History and Culture of UM, opening at Wu Yee Sun Library, University of Macau, on 5 December 2022. The organizers hope that more young people in Macao can have the opportunity to learn about the protection of cultural heritage in the mainland, appreciate the charm of traditional Chinese culture, and enhance cultural confidence and national identity through this exhibition.

Tang Dynasty Mural Culture Special Exhibition to Hong Kong and Macao Campus is held on campus of Hong Kong and Macao for the second time, with the theme of “Prosperous Times Wall Collection – Tang Dynasty Mural Culture Special Exhibition style of the Tang Dynasty”, showing the Tang people’s clothing and makeup, food and banquet, sports and dance, as well as faith and spiritual life, reappearance of the Tang Dynasty social life scene and the long history of Chinese festival culture.

46 murals have been selected from the collection of Shaanxi History Museum and digital high-definition printing technology was used to display them to the public in the form of exhibition because the mural itself is fragile and not easy to move. Some of them are specially added murals for the exhibition, such as “Music and Dance” and “Xuanwu” of Han Xiumu, hoping to let the public have a deeper understanding of the Tang Dynasty mural culture. The extension will run until Jan 2, 2023.