Pass on Chinese Philosophy and Explore Zhuangzi’s Life: CCHC invites Professor Yang Yi to compile Zhuangzi Hui Tong

The Centre for Chinese History and Culture (CCHC) of the University of Macau commissioned Professor Yang Yi to write and compile Zhuangzi Hui Tong, which was published in August 2022 by Liaoning People’s Publishing House with funding from the University of Macau for the project on “Pre-Qin Thinkers and Classics Research”. Professor Yang Yi got the Doctor of Literature and has served as Director of the Institute of Literature at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Director of the Institute of Ethnic Literature, Research Fellow and Doctoral Supervisor. This collaboration will not only facilitate the exploration of pre-Qin philosophical thought and literature, but will also help to further disseminate and promote the excellent traditional Chinese culture.

Zhuangzi Hui Tong aims to systematically restore and explain Zhuangzi’s academic and literary achievements, providing readers with a clearer and deeper understanding of Zhuangzi’s philosophy in an in-depth, yet rigorous and accurate manner. The book is based on the two perspectives of Zhuangzi’s thought and the spirit of Hui Tong and uniting the life of Zhuangzi, the origin of Zhuang Zi and Laozi, and the attitude of Zhuang Zi’s “Three Words” towards Confucianism and Taoism, which deeply demonstrates Zhuangzi’s pursuit of independent personality and spiritual freedom, his examination of the suffering world, and his profound experience of life’s tragedies. This has made an important contribution to the study and popularization of Zhuangzi’s thought.

CCHC aims to strengthen the study of Chinese history and culture, to establish a high-level mechanism for the exchange of Chinese history and culture, to promote Chinese history and culture to the Macao community, especially the Macao youth, and to facilitate the dissemination and influence of Chinese history and culture in Portuguese-speaking countries and regions, so as to promote and enhance the awareness and understanding of Chinese history and culture in Macao and the international community. The profound understanding and innovative knowledge of Lao Zhuang’s philosophy in Zhuangzi Hui Tong will not only deepen readers’ understanding of traditional Chinese thought, but also help promote the dissemination and promotion of Chinese historical and cultural excellence in Macao, which is of great significance.