UM’s South China Quarterly named ‘China’s famous university publication in social sciences’



South China Quarterly, an academic journal in the fields of humanities and social sciences published by the University of Macau (UM), has been named a ‘Famous University Publication on Social Sciences in China’. Tian Weiping, the journal’s editor-in-chief, has been named an ‘Outstanding Editor-in-Chief of a Famous University Publication on Social Sciences in China’.

The event was organised by a national society for the studies of university journals in humanities and social sciences in China. The society evaluated social sciences publications from nearly 2,000 higher education institutions in China, published in the past five years. The fact that UM’s South China Quarterly was named a famous journal in the field shows national recognition of the quality of the publication. Tian spoke at the award presentation ceremony and shared the process of founding the journal.

Founded by UM and edited by the university’s Centre for Chinese History and Culture, this quarterly journal focuses on global issues, regional issues, and China issues.