Calligraphy Activity to welcome the New Year of the Rabbit is held in UM

The calligraphy activity with the theme of Welcomes Chinese New Year with Jade Rabbit and Embraces Fortune was held grandly in Jiangsu, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan in terms of online and in-person event in UM on 5th January, 2023, which was co-hosted by Jiangsu Overseas Friendship Association, Jiangsu Academy of Chinese Culture, Federation of HK Jiangsu Community Organisations, Macau Jiangsu Province Overseas Friendship Association, Chinese Standard Cursive Hand Association, Hong Kong Institute of Calligraphy, Art Association of Republic of China (Taiwan), and CCHC.

The Spring Festival couplets and the character ‘福’are the most auspicious and the most beautiful cultural symbols of Chinese, representing people’s expectations for a better life in a new year. With the intention of welcomes Chinese New Year with Jade Rabbit and express wishes with calligraphy, calligraphers in not only Jiangsu main venue but also in Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan sub-venue were invited to write ‘福’ and create couplets with blessing and joy for students, citizens and travellers in these regions.

Photo of invited calligraphers and their creations in Macao sub-venue

At the end of the event, calligraphers including Mr. GU Shaohua, Ms. GONG Baomei, Prof. WONG Seng Fat, Mr. ZHONG Jinxing and Prof. ZHU Shoutong in Macao venue were invited to create couplets together with calligraphers in the other three venues to send audience blessings. ‘玉兔牽霞江山競彩,紅梅舞雪華夏同歌’ with a horizontal scroll ‘同心納福’ is a couplet from Jiangsu main venue, which expresses this activity plays an important role in passing the traditional customs of the Spring Festival, carrying forward the fine traditional Chinese culture, deepening the exchanges and integration between Jiangsu and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, and inspiring the feelings of the Chinese people.

Group photo of calligraphers and guests in Macao sub-venue

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