The Cornerstone of Su ‘ao Pavilion Laid in UM

On December 14, 2022, the laying of cornerstone of Su ‘ao Pavilion was held at the University of Macau as the final project of the first China Cultural Festival, and as for its name, ‘Su’ refers to Suzhou, while ‘Ao’ refers to Macau. There are many special guests attending the groundbreaking ceremony including Mr. Wang Yang, Member of Suzhou Municipal Party Committee, Head of Suzhou United Front Work Department, Head of Suzhou Overseas Friendship Association, Mr. Deng Bing, Deputy Head of Suzhou United Front Work Department, Mr. Zhai Keqiang, Deputy Head of Suzhou Municipal Party Committee Organization Department; Mr. Xu Guisun, Director of Jiangsu Overseas Friendship Association Cultural Department, Mr. Cen Zhanping, Head of Macau Jiangsu Province Overseas Friendship Association, Prof. Xu Ao’ao, Advisor to the Chancellor of Macau University of Science and Technology, Prof. Song Yonghua, Rector of University of Macau, Prof. Leung Kai Chun, Secretary General of the University Council, Ms. Wong Ke, Director of Rector’s Office, and some college masters of residential colleges in UM.

Su ‘ao Pavilion imitating the Canglang Pavilion, a famous Chinese pavilion, embodies the characteristics of traditional Chinese culture and the charm of Jiangnan culture. The pavilion is of great significance in the construction of the University of Macau. ‘Su ‘ao Pavilion not only represents the close ties and friendship between Jiangsu and Macao, and between Suzhou and UM in parricular, but also symbolizes the establishment of a cultural exchange platform among the youth of these two regions, spreading Chinese history and culture to them.’ Song Yonghua said.

‘There is a deep history of exchanges between Suzhou and Macao. Especially in recent years, various cooperation projects have been carried forward. And in this case, the Su’ao Pavilion is proposed to be founded. I hope that when students and teachers of UM see Su’ao Pavilion, they will think of Suzhou, think of the deep friendship between Suzhou and Macau, so that to promote the cultural communication between the two regions.’ Wang Yang delivered a speech at the ceremony.

Guests attend the groundbreaking ceremony

Song Yonghua, Rector of the University of Macau

Mr. Wang Yang, Member of the Standing Committee of Suzhou Municipal Committee

Mr Wang Yang presented the calligraphy work of “Su  ‘ao pavilion” to Mr Song

Mr Song presented a note of appreciation to Mr Wang Yang

Guests laid the foundation stone for Su  ‘ao pavilion


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