The 1st Short Video Creation Competition Full Love Macao Comes to a Successful End

With the theme of Full Love Macao, the 1st Short Video Creation Competition is one of series activities of Chinese Cultural Festival organized by Macao Base for Primary & Secondary Education in Humanities & Social Sciences and Centre for Chinese History and Culture of UM. It aims to spread and develop the excellent traditional Chinese culture, highlighting the uniqueness of Macao with the mainstream Chinese culture and the coexistence of diverse cultures, enhancing Macao students’ understanding and recognition of the local culture.

There was active participation of Chinese History and Culture Promotion Ambassador and other students of Macao’s universities, and two first prize teams, two second prize teams, four third prize teams and six merit award teams were selected after a fair, professional and rigorous evaluation for two months.

The award ceremony was held at the Cultural Building (E34) on the afternoon of 1st December, 2022 (Thursday), and there were many important guests who attended the event including Prof. ZHU Shoutong, Director of Centre for Chinese History and Culture, Dr. CHEANG Neng Ian, Deputy Director of the Centre, Prof. SIO Chio Ieong, Director of Academic Research Division, Prof. YEUNG Siu Kwai, Director of Editorial and Publication Division.

This competition is prospective and full of practical significance as it is the responsibility and obligation of every Macao youth to carry forward traditional culture and pass the historical culture and humane spirit of Macao, Prof. ZHU Shoutong said in his speech.

The video works produced by the first and second prize winning teams were also displayed at the ceremony, winning a lot of enthusiastic response and appreciation from the audience. All audience were deeply moved by their creativity and efforts, and believed that these works would become precious documentaries bearing the memories of a generation of Macao people after many years.

The competition came to a successful end on account of the full support of the distinguished guests and the enthusiastic participation of the students. There are still other interesting activities and events of Chinese Cultural Festival that will last until the end of December. Please visit CCHC website and official account of WeChat for more information.

Group photo of Prof. ZHU and the first prize winning team

Group photo of Prof. CHEANG and the second prize winning team

Group photo of Prof. SIO and the third prize winning team

Group photo of Prof. YEUNG and the merit prize winning team

Group photo of guests and awardee