Celebrating the 40th Anniversary of the University of Macau: FAH-CCHC Lecture Series: Studying Macao’s Diversified Culture: Mateus Ricci and Chinese Culture (1)

Centre for Chinese History and Culture of University of Macau held a Zoom lecture on May 28th themed “Multicultural Study Activities in Macao──Father Matteo Ricci and Chinese Culture”. Professor Ye Nong, Director of the Research Centre for the History and Culture of Hong Kong and Macao of Jinan University was invited as the guest speaker. The lecture appealed to many students of Colegio Mateus Ricci to attend.

Professor Ye Nong shared his knowledge of cultural pluralism, Macau and Ricci. He pointed out that cultural pluralism refers to the process of social development in which a country or a nation inherits its own outstanding traditional culture and incorporates the outstanding traditional culture of other countries and nations, thereby achieving a harmonious social atmosphere. When expressing views on the diversity of cultures in Macao, Professor Ye Nong quoted Mr Fei Xiaotong’s saying: “Appreciate the culture of others as do to one’s own, and the world will become a harmonious whole.”

During the lecture, Professor Ye actively interacted with the students of Colegio Mateus Ricci, and the students also proposed many of their own insights.

Please refer to the Chinese Version for more details: 澳門大學四十週年校慶——中國歷史文化名師名校講座:澳門多元文化研習活動——利瑪竇神父與中華文化