Love Mother Language and Embrace World Culture — CCHC actively takes part in UM Language and Culture Day

In order to protect mother language and promote linguistic diversity, the Language and Culture Day organized by the Faculty of Arts and Humanities of the University of Macau was held on 28th March 2023 with the theme of Love Mother Language and Embrace World Culture. There were not only an opening ceremony including multi-country traditional culture performances, but also language and culture workshops, cultural knowledge scavenger hunt and other activities. On the opening ceremony, students and teaching staffs from different countries participated in various performances to showcase the unique culture of different regions, attracting more than 200 UM students and staffs taking part in the activities. Performances on the ceremony covered both traditional and popular songs, dance, music as well as folk shows with a wide range of languages including Cantonese, English, Portuguese and Japanese, which impressed audiences a lot.

Aiming at allowing participants to deeply experience the charm of Chinese calligraphy art which is not only the expression art of Chinese culture but also the treasure of world culture, CCHC introduced the Chinese Ink Art Calligraphy Experience Workshop in the Day. In the workshop, participants actively gave full play to their imagination with calligraphy to create on the round fans and bookmarks, integrating their personal creativity and aesthetic taste. With help of calligraphy teachers, they independently completed many calligraphy works, from which they understood the infinite charm of traditional calligraphy culture, experienced the ancient charm of the brush writing, and felt the line art of Chinese aesthetics.