2023 New Hong Kong and Macau Chinese New Year Calligraphy Competition Exhibition: Young Calligraphers’ Talents Bloom, Chinese Culture Passes down the generations

In order to actively promote Macao’s cultural and educational activities, and to enhance young people’s interest and attainment in calligraphy, the Centre for Chinese History and Culture of the University of Macau participates in the “Chinese New Year Calligraphy Competition” organized by the Macao Calligraphy Education and Research Association, China Travel Service (Macao) , and the National Calligraphers Association of Macao, and so on, and puts together a touring exhibition of award-winning works of calligraphy from Singapore, Hong Kong, and Macao, exhibiting the traditional art and culture of the Chinese nation, and letting young calligraphers of the three places to share with the world. This year, the format of the competition is different from previous years. This year, on the basis of the previous competition system, the Greater Bay Area element was added to include students and young people from Foshan, Shunde, Zhuhai, etc., and at the same time, to promote the excellent Chinese culture, cultivate and promote the youth’s love of Chinese Calligraphy and improve the standard of the art.

The award presentation ceremony was held on 16th June , and the guests attending the ribbon-cutting ceremony included Ms.  Loi Mei Tim, representative of Education and Youth Affairs Bureau, Dr. Ao Peng Kong, Director of Alumni Association of University of Macau Students’Union, Mr. Chin Chiu, Vice-President and Secretary General of the Zhuhai Research and Study Travel Agents’ Association, Mr. Yu Wan Hsiung, Executive President of the Hong Kong Educational Tours Association, Dr. Hau Mu Tien, General Manager of the Home goods store in the Municipality of Macau, Macao, Dr. Gung Po Mei, Honorary President of Macau Calligraphy Education and Research Association, Mr. Koo Sio Wa, Vice Chairman of Associação Nacional dos Calígrafos de Macau, Mr. Dean Annison, Director of Tiger Education, Mr. Lui Kuei Heung, Director of Tiger Education, Mr. Wong Lai Ying, President of China Education Group, and Ms. Yin Yan Ying, President of Rotary Club of Central District.

The winning students of the competition will be directly qualified to participate in the China National Mitty Cup Finalist Competition, and will have the opportunity to participate in the Final Competition in Nanjing and Zhenjiang, and some of the outstanding students will be recommended for exhibitions in Korea, Malaysia, and Mainland China, which will further promote the art of calligraphy to the international arena by young people. The awarded works will be exhibited at E34-G016, Cultural Building of the University of Macau for half a month (from 16th June to 30th June, 2023), and teachers and students are cordially invited to visit the exhibition.